“Skin bleaching is not and will never be Brighten Mi’s agenda” says Boss Lady Diva Lenore

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She is a Pretty, Hardworking and Innovative and the real definition of Boss Lady. Diva Lenore is a US based Cameroonian and  Co – founder of Brighten Mi and CEO Diva Lenore Hair. This lady not only found a solution to her skin problems but succeeded in making a business out of it. We were able to  reach out to this pretty lady and here is what she had to tell us:

Goodday Ms Lenore,

Before we start I must say you have a very glowing skin. I would love to have such skin lol.

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To begin with what inspired you to start up your cosmetic line BrightenMi Cosmetics?

Thank you for the compliment Eliane. So to answer your question, Brighten Mi came up as a result of severe acne my business partner (Bff) and I suffered last year.We literally tried everything and visited several reputable dermatologists who unfortunately, were unable to successfully keep the breakouts away. It was during our personal quest for a successful acne treatment that we were able to come up with a mix of ingredients,that could successfully eliminate acne when compounded and executed by a reputable pharmacist.

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What are the challenges that come along with being A CEO?
Well,to be honest being a CEO is a lot harder than most think. It’s not just about a title. It has to do with sleepless nights, long phone calls, making sure your investments pay off, dealing with naysayers, coping with unpredictable people and the list continues.
Business is like mathematics. You have to keep strategizing and calculating… Lol
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What do you do when you are not working (for leisure)?
I spend a lot of time with my family. Another thing I love doing with my bff and partner LilyBefabNstaychic is fine dinning. We love exotic restaurants for a good meal.
I love the waterfront in DC where I go with Lily all the time to relax or go on Yatch rides. It’s so much fun!
To all those who think Brighten Mi is a bleaching cream what do you have to say to them?
Thanks for this question.
Brighten Mi first of all, is NOT a bleaching cream. Brighten Mi is a cosmetic line that sells an array of skincare products for now. We will be adding lots of products to our line which will include makeup and lots of other fun stuff we would rather introduce as a surprise.
On if our products bleach, I would say this would strongly depend on what a customer decides to do with our product.
Some people like myself have delicate, sensitive skin. A lot of people apart from pimples and breakouts,suffer embarrassing hyper pigmentation and sunburn. Some people have skin that’s been discolored due to over exposure to sunlight.These people have about four different skin shades. Our body lotions for example are designed for such people to restore evenness, but how do you successfully treat such a skin problem without lightening the problem areas?
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We have people suffering from severe acne. Their faces covered in dark spots. How do you fade dark spots without lightening them?
Let’s talk dark knuckles, knees and elbows. Some people are just genetically predisposed to have dark knuckles. Especially if their daily activities require them to constantly be in touch with water and chemicals(cleaning products for example). Why would anyone like to walk around with significantly darker knuckles or knees or elbows? This is where our knuckles cream comes in.
I suggest people take the time to understand these things rather than being too judgmental. Skin bleaching is not and will never be Brighten Mi’s agenda.
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Are you planning on opening a shop in Cameroon anytime soon?
Yes,we have been thinking about other locations everywhere in Africa. Cameroon will definite not be left out.
What else do you work on apart from  BrightenMi? Any other projects in the pipeline?
Well as you know, I’m founder and CEO of Diva Lenore Hair. A luxury line of premium virgin hair extensions. This takes a lot of my working time too. You could actually visit my hair website www.divalenorehair.com to know more about my hair. For other projects, there are so many things coming up. I’d rather surprise you all…
What advice would you give young gurls on becoming entrepreneurs?
To young girls wanting to become entrepreneurs, I’d say go for it. Don’t wait till you have all the funds you think you’ll need.Just start lol…Go in fiercely. Don’t doubt yourself. You’re stronger than you think and oh…NEVER let anyone deter you from your dreams. They deter you from pushing forward because they’re scared or simply lack confidence in themselves. They fear you’ll make it and leave them behind. Just go for whatever you want, give your all and I can vouch with certainty that you’ll see a green light in the tunnel.
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    Thanks for taking out time to talk with us today. Keep doing what you do and God bless.
Thanks for reaching out 237Exclusive. I hope I was able to answer all your questions.
Be blessed!

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