Fans bash Ambe for trying to defend himself!

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Kamer afro pop singer Ambe recently released the cover art for his up and coming album La Star and got soo many negative comments from fans and on lookers. He took to facebook to defend himself and called on the public to see the art in the picture. The comments under the pic tho. “Fowl wey nodi hear shhh ie go hear Bam!”

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Well Ambe that was certainly courageous of you but I think you went wrong on this one. Many of you will say he is not the first to posts something for like this and I agree. I got 2 cents to contribute to this issue; firstly because his physique doesn’t suit the purpose.


How many people would wanna look at this pic a second time or how many gurls will drool over this pic?  Getting naked doesn’t make everybody famous!


Secondly,  it goes against the messages he has been trying to pass on through his music. Anyways the cover art got people talking and people who didn’t know him got to know about him. But is that how you would want the world to know you? sips coffee




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