Tzy Panchak Leaves Best Music Inc. Without prior Notice!

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One of the best on the Kamer music scene, Tzy Panchak leaves Best Music Inc. for American based label Blu Nation.

Beta Night

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He took to his snap a few days ago to inform us he was cooking something real big. Who would have thought this was it? Rumour  has it he left Best Music without prior notice! Strange tho’ cuz you would think they were family. One question keeps popping why is everybody leaving? We also got wind of the fact that Motherland might be signing Ewube. Could this be the end of Best Music? That we cannot tell for sure. If this rumour is true then Panchak tu a vraiment derangé cuz it is said ” Never bite the fingers that feed or fed you”. Anyhow sha shit happens best you can do is get over it.  Congratz Panchak hope this deal opens bigger doors for you! Meanwhile you can download his latest track stay with me here.

Download stay with me


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