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How To Change People You Care About!

How To Change People You Care About!

Dear Reader,

Stop trying to change the people you love and change yourself! Stop trying to change people who take your money but will not take your advice. You will only drain your own mental, spiritual, emotional and financial reserves. The truth is…people change when they are sick and tired of being sick and tired or hit rock bottom.
Giving Feedback!!
Don’t give advice to people who have a history of not listening. Save your time, energy, and words. Some people may complain about their life, but they have no intention of changing. STOP!! You can’t change others – only yourself.
Never cast pearls before swines! Use this as your MANTRA everyday when you are about to give a feedback!
“O Lord help me keep my nose out of other people’s business.”
Love and pray for others, and release them to their own life journey. Put your main focus and energy in creating greater movement and impact in your own life. You deserve!
If you are dealing with addiction or irresponsible behavior from grown adults ~ protect your wallet and your mind. It does not mean you do not love them. Your attempts to help may only delay what is inevitable. Allow them to take the journey they have chosen for themselves. Choose to let go of the guilt and be at peace.
You may require counseling or emotional support to stop being an enabler. If necessary, give yourself some distance so that you can stop being used or manipulated because they know that you care and you love them. You have the right to enjoy a guilt-free, happy and productive life. Commit yourself to changing the only person you really can – YOU!!
You have an energy signature and life is on your side! You are serious in manifesting the Greatness that is within you.
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