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Brenda Dery Fires Back!

Brenda Dery Fires Back!

Brenda Dery, super talented dancer and CEO of DC Media ltd replies to a controversial article posted earlier on todae by blogger Bonteh click here to readBrenda got very fiery and had this to say in response.

Let me take 2mins of my precious time to clarify some of u ignorant idiots! That’s an outfit for a Videoshoot, which was done in Limbe at Maxims and Downbeach. It’s cool for my ass to be the trending topic on social media, but put the right story next to it or shut that hole in ur face called mouths! In fact go enjoy more of this big ol booty on YouTube:https://youtu.be/trXw_W6ciQM‪#‎BrendaDery‬

brenda dery
Pic of her supposedly indecent dresssing

Well this should serve as a lesson to us all. Carry out proper investigation before sharing information to the public. Meanwhile keep voting for her  as best dancer for the Afrimma2016.
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