Home Rumour Has it! Is Sahndra Fon Dufe dating Iyanya?

Is Sahndra Fon Dufe dating Iyanya?

Is Sahndra Fon Dufe dating Iyanya?

Good evening guys, hope y’all had a nice day. We happened to have stumbled on this pic of Sahndra Fon Dufe and Iyanya and it got us wondering… Are they dating? Well gotcha hihihi they are NOT! This was just one of the pics from her amazing BET 2016 Experience. I know this is coming quite late but we didnt have access to these pics earlier.  She was styled by Karine Fotso for this event . Sahndra is one hell of an entertainer! If you didnt watch her on Kreef Snap then my dear you sure misssed out. I felt like I was there live! Sahndra Fon Dufe is a Cameroonian actress based in the US, she is not only an actress but author of Yefon: The Red Necklace widely distributed in every region of Cameroon by Sopecam (so make sure to get a copy winks) and brand ambassador of Alissi Bronte Africa as well. Watch out for this Pretty lady!

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