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Is all the controversy surrounding Achalle’s Death necessary?

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News of Young and talented Cameroonian singer Achalle passing away in the early hours of July 27th, 2016 broke the internet. Achalle was the first Cameroonian to win the Star de demain musical contest. I remember how my mum and I followed this program keenly and were routing for him to win. Oh! the joy we felt when he was proclaimed winner was priceless. That’s the feeling you get when listening to good music; this guy’s music spoke to me in different ways, its such a shame we had to loose him this early. A few hours after his death, his mum posted a video talking about child abuse. She claims Achalle had been sexually abused as a child all because he was in love with music and wanted to make a living out of it. It pains me to see that some people are out there destroying the art by such barbaric acts. As though that was not enough stories start popping out of no where. Some say he was gay, others say he had AIDS and all what not. At the end of the day no one knows the truth for sure. Here are my two cents… whether he was gay or not its was his life he made his choices and that is that. Instead of spreading cheap gossip of which we aren’t even sure of the authenticity lets all commit his soul to the lord and pray that he rests in perfect peace…


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