Home News Ebangha Njang A Wanna Be Celeb?

Ebangha Njang A Wanna Be Celeb?

Ebangha Njang A Wanna Be Celeb?

Early this morning popular Kamer blogger Kinaka made a post concerning the rise of social media celebrity in Cameroon (read here) and as usual when it comes to such post here comment section is always booming. Somebody hiding under the cloak of anonymous called Kreef CEO, Ebangha Njang a wanna be and a groupie! Oops where is my juice oo
Kamer i tire you oo! If you think you really have something to say why hide under anonymous. Its so disheartening when we keep throwing shade like this. All Ebangha and her team have done is try to put Kamer on the map and the only thing somebody can do is throw shade on her hussle. If we keep doing this we will never get there. Anyways a lil birdy told me Kreef has something awesome in store for us and I can’t wait to know what it is.

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