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“Support every project by your colleagues irrespective of your involvement or absence in them” says Philldela Yve

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Today we host one of the few actresses that are working hard and doing everything to keep entertainment alive in Cameroon. She is none other than the Kamer-Naija Diva Philldela Yve. This beautiful and hard working yet humble lady has starred in over thirty movies in Nollywood and plans on working in the Cameroon film industry as well. We were able to hook up with her for a lil chit-chat and here is what she had to tell u. Grab some popcorn and enjoy.

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 Hello beautiful, u welcome to our platform,
Philldela: Answer: Awwww! It’s my delight darling, thank u for hosting me. 
Question: First we would like you to give us a brief intro; tell us who you are in two sentences.
Philldela: I’m Philldella Yve. I have a double indentity background – Cameroon and Nigeria and based in Lagos. I’m a young up-and-coming actress in Nollywood, model and an eventual TV show host.  

Question: What inspired you to take on this craft?
Philldela:  I had always dreamt of being an actress since I was a child. After watching cartoons on TV, an habitual component of my life, I would go to the mirror and try to mimic them. I grew up developing this uncontrollable attachment to acting and hoping I would turn these dreams into reality some day. Nothing else attracted my attention and until the logical fulfillment, I kept boiling with inspiration. I was born to act. It’s my craft.
Question: If you were given the choice to co-star in a movie with a Cameroonian actor, who will it be?
Philldela:  That would be a difficult thing to do, but I won’t waste any time in stating emphatically that I would choose to work with all of them! Every single Cameroonian actor is endowed with talent and it becomes difficult to pick one and not the others. I prefer to to be greedy by desiring all these guys – hahahahaha! They’re all great actors.

Question: Recently a voice note went viral on Whatsapp, where in a girl who was anonymous to us said it was a right for a boy to take care of his girlfriend and shower them with expensive gifts. What is your opinion on that?
Philldela:  Wow! I’d turn my back on this question if I had my way, trust me – hahahaha! I could crash in the net of my brothers with my opinion. But since I must attempt an answer, I expect a man to care and support his girl. However, I wouldn’t expect a fellow sister to depend entirely on a man for all her needs.
Question: Chocolates or ice cream which would you go for?
Philldela:  I like ice cream but nothing would replace my chocolate. I just love it – hahahhahaha!

Question: What advice would you give to young upcoming actresses?
Philldela:  I don’t think I am in the right position to advise upcoming actresses because I’m one myself. However, if I were to give my opinion as a budding actress, it would be to put GOD FIrST in every single thing they do no matter what. Secondly, accept correction, no matter how harshly it is put. Look beyond the hurt and pick the lesson. Finally, support every project by your colleagues irrespective of your involvement or absence in them. For promotion purposes, like stuff that are posted on social media and comment on them, share it! Such display of selflessness would go a long way in boosting your own growth.    
Thank you for taking out time to chit-chat with us …
Philldela: The pleasure was entirely mine. Thanks a million for hosting me. Lots of love!

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  1. Philldella Yve… My numbers 1..whether upcoming or already a movie star,, you’re my role model…
    Your style, class, sense of fashion, generosity, ingenuity etc,,,,, may God’s blessings and guidance be upon you in this journey,,, and it will be my greatest delight to collaborate with you 1 day.
    Muah 😘

  2. Wow, she is such a talented beautiful and humble soul. i predict she is Cameroon’s future Genevive Nnaji with respect to talent and Mercy Johnson with respect to humility. I just pray God guids her against friends who will have bad influence on her.

  3. Ma hommie! You knw noh, you always carry me on ride cos on reading I had this kinesthetic responses as thou I was listening to one those favourite Kmer newly released dope songs!
    I love the way you respond to questions! Tell me do you have an interview coach? Cos you are amazing with how you handle questions! That was flawless! keep up dear! And your pics too…hmmmm! Guess my reading like over 4times was the pictures ohh! Haha! A diva in the making! Kudos! #Gotchu1Hunneth!

  4. Phyilldela Yve, you are a born star. I love the way you express yourself. I love your sense of humour, fashion, humility, smile etc. U captured my attention big time in the first movie I watched u performing. To me u are already a star n not a rising star.

  5. A great interview and what a humble and down to earth actress who is absolutely gorgeous and extremely talented.. I find her views quite fair and encouraging.. I think she will go places given that she can have the possibility of working as a nollywood and camer actress.

  6. Waohhhh I love me some Philldela Yve. She’s young, beautiful, talented, warm hearted, loving and above all God Fearing. Mami you rock from now till beyond. You make Cameroonians proud. Just keep yourself straight and as you said, always put God😇😇😇

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