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Villagers reject this lady plagued with a leg tumour, thinking she is bewitched

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Eunice didn’t take it seriously and refused to go to hospital, since then the tumour has started to grow rapidly and one day reached an unbelievable size.
Her superstitious neighbours and the village chief are now keeping away from Anyango, her blind mother and her 16-year-old son as they are convinced that their family is bewitched.

Eunice’s son Odongo even has to skip school to look after his mother and grandmother; sometimes compassionate members of the local church drop in to visit her. Eunice has had minor surgery and tetanus injections to somehow treat the growth but it was a temporary measure, now the woman needs more help and hopes to raise some money to remove a gigantic tumour on her leg.
Mabel Akiso, one of the villagers, told Kenyan newspaper: “The chief and her assistant know about the condition of this family, but they have never done anything about it. Most people in the community believe the family are bewitched.”

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