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An Open letter to the people of Cameroon by Santher Mbacham|| Support your own

Santher Mbacham a young Cameroonian girl took to her facebook page this morning to express her heartfelt worries about how unsupportive we Cameroonians are.. She said and I quote

Facebook what’s on my mind??
I am vexed at how shallow our media is…
I am enraged at how talented people have to literally become their “nchindas” in order to be promoted
I am perplexed by the amount of mediocrity “professional journalists” display.
I am ashamed that it only takes foreigners or those in the diaspora to make us love our homemade products
I am disturbed after watching a video earlier this year but failed to address the fact that, #KIBONEN the talented designer, who has done nothing but put Cameroon’s name at the forefront in the US, had to be CHARGED over 500.000 BY JOURNALISTS for a press conference to talk about her clothes meanwhile a very popular Facebook account with millions of followers #HumansOfNewYork told her story for free.
I am gobsmacked by the fact that those who uphold the responsibility to put us on the map, tell our story, showcase our talent are failing dismally.
JUST WATCH!!! Every Cameroon media person who thought she was a nobody will now scramble for #KIBONEN
Let the #ScrambleForKibonen begin and may the odds never be in your favor. #Pmaaaaaaaaa
I think all of our “celebrities” should start wearing Camer made stuff… That’s why Nigerians proper, #UNITY
With that said y’all go visit, SUBSCRIBE, STREAM and BUY songs on the CAMEROON ITUNES, (CAMER MIX). made by a Cameroonian, in CAMEROON and for Cameroonians ONLY!! This is the future… Please shareeeeee

Together we stand divide we fall. Please listen to her petition and support your own!

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