Home Music Bonzyz releases new Ep titled The Announcement!

Bonzyz releases new Ep titled The Announcement!

Bonzyz releases new Ep titled The Announcement!
BONZYZ is branded as a rapper in his mother tongue Limbum. He also does it very well in English as well as in pidgin and French. As far as Hip Hop Rap Music is concerned, BONZYZ is the major proponents of the sounds, rhythms ,drums,languages and dances of Cameroon. His songs which are mostly inspired by his love for humanity and his strong Christian values have themes like love, peace, unity and development. His vision is to promote Cameroons genre and culture in particular and Africa’s through his Afro hop.
Most people refer to him as the Town Crier ,the rapper with message .From the Njang, Ma-ndingnding and Nfuh of the grass field regions to the Ngumba of the Nothern regions and the Bikutsi and Makossa of the forest regions of Cameroon, to AfroBeats across the African continent to Rock and Jaz in the West, Bonzyz leaves all his fans with something to feel, listen and dance to. From the first to the last track ,Bonzyz leaves certainly every listener clapping and proud of his or her originality and identify.
2.Some Major Releases
He has gained fans and followers for his style after storming the industry with his first official Music video KUPSHI which featured 9 traditional rulers of Cameroon. And the first time traditional rulers were involved in a social activity of this nature in the Cameroonian music industry.
Watch Kupshi video below
BONZYZ-Kupshi (Official Video) Link
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The Cameroonian showbiz doors have given him a befitting Welcome when he released the cypher video of ” I just Di Observe” . Where he decries all the disunity and fighting in the industry among actors and sectors involve .
Watch I just di Observe below.
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3.The Announcement Ep
“The Announcement is a 5 tracks Ep (and 2 Bonus tracks ) with lyrics and themes of culture,hope,peace, unity and education focused on touching and shaping positively the minds and souls of not just lovers of HipHop or Music but every member and segment of our community and beyond.
All songs written by BONZYZ KWAKWA. Track 1 Mixed and Mastered by Kiloh. Tracks 2 produced by D Gray and Method J. Track 3 Produced By P. Kay mixed and mastered by Method J. Track 4 and 6 produced by Kiloh and Track 5 and 7 by Nyambi Edwin Cfx Musica Cameroon . Additional vocals on track 3 by No Crime.
BONZYZ – The Announcement EP
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