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Fresh from the 3rd world Survivors’ stables; Nabil4real ft Dj Pazzo – This is Africa TIA (Popo Official video) 

3rd World survivors in association with Blueberry City present to you the long anticipated TIA video  by Nabil4Real and Dijay Pazzo features the award-winning dancer, Brenda Dery. Nabil and Pazzo take us to the streets of Cameroon and showcase their Africa; our beautiful nation telling us how proud they are to have hailed from these streets. They also talk about the every day struggles people go through in these streets. Many of you might have been wondering what TIA was all about. Well I am pleased to tell you that TIA which means  #ThisIsAfricaTIA is a concept born to showcase Africa from a positive and realistic perspective. It’s a concept which recognizes and celebrates Africa’s rich cultural heritage.

This then inspired Hip hop artist Nabil4Real to write the #ThisIsAfricaTIA song. The song features and has been produced by the phenomenal Dijay Pazzo. It is also the soundtrack to the short film, “This Is Africa TIA” directed by The Ancestor and produced by Nabil.

The #TIA concept is more than just a song or film. It’s a powerful statement of recognition and pride among young Africans. It’s an impediment of our lifestyle and theme to the urban African youth.

Third World Survivors Entertainment is therefore honored to present the highly anticipated #ThisIsAfricaTIA music video directed by Hip hop star Nabil4Real and Dijay Pazzo. They were costumed by the reputable Amah Fashion House.

Hope you love it and share it.

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