AfricStyle Fashion is right time for winter with their stylish yet cozy hoodies!

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For centuries, African prints and fabrics have had a great influence in the African fashion industry and beyond. Since 2010, African fabrics, styles and cultures have gained enormous recognition worldwide in the global fashion industry.

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Globalization of African fabrics and traditional accessories has earned its high demands internationally and its undeniable that the African arts and textiles boosted by the trendiness of wax print has had more positive turn in recent years. It has been featured in top venues, runaway mainstreams press and renowned fashion show rooms. In addition to the different designs, every fabric comes with a special message.

AFRICSTYLE FASHION is one of the promoters of this African print’s global recognition. They work with the best designers in Africa and around the world to come out with the best designs for our clients. In partnership with modelling agencies, they showcase in many events around the world to create an exposure of African prints and make their aspiring designers known to the world.


They are located in Edmonton Canada, have been operating for a little over a year now. For now they run only an online store and ship their designs all over the world at very moderate prices. Don't say you didn't know! Rush now to their website(click here) and order yours now.



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