Epule Jeffery finally decides to let the dust of his long standing feud with Vicky Fokala settle|| Get in here and read!

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Its no news to us that Vicky and Jeffery don’t get along too well. They exchanged words on Facebook a few times in the past. Actress Vicky Fokala took to Facebook to accuse photographer Njukeng Pro for not delivering work he was paid for on time and went as far as threatening his career. This post got a lot of people talking and started getting other photographers involved and Penjo Baba was on of her victims. Somebody made a comment on a whats-app group defending Penjo and throwing shade on Vicky (whats-app groups and gossip tho). Since this person’s username looked like Jeffrey‘s a lot of people jumped into conclusions thinking it was him and we all know our fellow Cameroonian brothers and sisters and their love for beef na…

Beta Night


Jeffrey took to his Facebook account this morning to deny the accusation and also urged bloggers to do proper findings before putting up posts and promote love not hate. Y’all read that right? Biko enough with the insults already.

Thanks for clearing things up for us. We hope you and Vicky are cool now cuz Hate won’t win oo. On that note its a happy sunday from our team to you!


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