Breaking News : Strike May continue to December 2017 as Bamenda Meeting Enters a Deadlock : Live Pics attached !!!

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Teachers Trade Union of -TAC, PEATTU,BATTU,CEWOTU,CATTU have demanded the inclusion of South West Representatives in the dialogue and the Released of all arrested Youths before on going talks will be meaningful. Minister of Higher education, Fame Ndongo who was not expected in the meeting also secretly in Bamenda , instruct governor to drive youths and Press away trying to monitor the meeting !!! The plot of government is to divide the trade Unions of Lawyers and Teachers alone north and South West Lines so as to exterminate the struggle: At best i spoke with at least one of the teachers trade union leaders prior to the said meeting and reiterate the position of Anglophones Youths. The attached live pictures from the ongoing dialogue show Francophone Ministers headed by Fame Ndongo seating on High tables while Anglophone Trade Union Leaders are in the pew being compel to call off strike. A source at Equinox preview with the ongoing meeting hinted me on some of the developments!!! There are indication the strike may continued to December 2017 culminating to a referendum for a Federal structure with La Republic or Southern Cameroon Independence !!! The struggle continues!!! Keep sharing !!! We stand together !!! Please Note that the Regime has block Tapong Ivo,and one of Mark Bara accounts for reporting on the struggle!!!

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