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Effective Ghost town in Kumba, South West Region; No School is functional

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Kumba yesterday

Ghost town in Kumba last week

Despite stringent measures imposed by the government on Anglophones in their two aboriginal regions in order to strangle them to give up the resistance, there has been no abating in the strike action, ghost town operations and schools are still closed.

In spite of all government communiqués on state radio and television announcing the resumption of classes this Monday, January 23rd, inhabitants of Kumba woke up to another ghost city yesterday.

The streets were deserted and just a handful of persons could be seen going up and down. Few bikes provided essential services in restricted areas while taxis were rare to be found. Most businesses too were closed down including gov’t offices – it was more of a public holiday. Kumba main motor park that receives thousands of travelers’ everyday was completely deserted without even the sight of a fly. At one end, some police officers were spotted armed to the teeth.

Following the announcement made over state media of resumption of classes. At the Government Bilingual Primary school I, II, III and Government Nursery School Kumba Mbeng, the gate was closed and only a handful of teachers were present. 

Contrary to this The Cameroon Tribune posted yesterday saying School resumed effectively yesterday in the Northwest and Southwest regions. This got a lot of Anglophones very bitter.


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