Watch “YUNGTIME FT MIHNEY Uh uh,uh hum official video”

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Yung Time’s song Uh-uh, uh-hum featuring Mihney is a song of the Otantik Mixtape which is a cover of E-40’s choices.It has been previously held that Jovi copied the song and did another song titled «ou meme».
Is Jovi’s ‘Ou Meme’ a copy of Yung Time’s ‘Uh Uh uhhum’?

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​Did New Bell’s CEO plagiarise Yung Time’s Song? If you’ve not listened to both your reaction will surely turn out to be ‘Ou meme’.

After listening carefully to both tracks, you’ll notice that the Mboko god, Jovi simply replaced Yung Time’s ‘Uh uh’ with ‘Ou Meme’. The vibe, energy and concept remained untouched. Still doubting?

New Music Video: YUNGTIME FT MIHNEY- Uh uh,uh hum


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