Home News 19 Years Old Kid Threatens Father with a Machete and a Farming Hoe!

19 Years Old Kid Threatens Father with a Machete and a Farming Hoe!

19 Years Old Kid Threatens  Father with a Machete and a Farming Hoe!

It is barely 2 months now since we witnessed a brutal killing of a Mother by her son in Kumba South West Region of Cameroon, and the reasons are still not clear as to what happened.
This is Kelly a 19 years old kid from Batibo, North West Region of Cameroon. Kelly would rather be a Hunter or a palm nut harvester (Known locally as Cutting Mbanga). His father tried to advice him to do other wise by paying for various job for him to do, but Kelly will not abide.
Kelly instead of avoiding the scene took into his hands the power to threaten to hit his father with a farming hoe. Thanks to the Neighbours for coming to his rescue the story may have been different.
The following image was captured by Cyril Fonjong on a live facebook video Feed. You can see a crowd around Kelly advising him not to disrespect his father no more.

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In as much as parent want the best for their kids, they need to be able to try to understand their kids, because there is always a reason why they do what they do. Brutality doesn’t help in a situation like this, not condoning the actions of Kelly.
Two wrongs don’t make a right. We need to learn that development involves a wide variety of individual differences. His passion may not be what his father wants him to do, and it cannot be imposed on him. Our society just needs a better education in situations like this.
But again Kelly’s actions threatening  his father was an act of violence punishable by law. They were right to take him to the Palace or the police.
Kids out there need to respect their parents and give them a reason to why they feel like they need to do what they want to do, and not try to harm them just because they think they are grown!
Kelly needs to thank God he was not set ablaze by the population, as this is a jungle justice commonly practiced by the angry mob.

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