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5 Inspirational makeup looks by Celebrity MUA, Stephny Pearls of Glamour makeovers!

Over the years we have seen the birth and evolution of makeup artistry in Cameroon. All artists have their favorite canvas; for makeup artists, their canvas just happens to be the face. Makeup artists use their talents and their tools to makeover, transform, and improve a person’s face (and sometimes their body). Their work corrects imperfections, highlights positive attributes, and remedies issues. Whether they are highlighting cheekbones for a special event, perfecting the smoky eye for a fashion shoot, or applying prosthetics for melodramatic productions, makeup artists are truly artists in their personal right.
Stephny Pearls Cameroonian makeup artist
We have been witnesses to the emergence of many Makeup artists; but one of them caught our attention and we couldn’t help but share with you. Stephn’y Pearls which we must say is the youngest MUA in Cameroon, is a student of the University of Buea reading Journalism and Mass Communication. This very versatile and smart young lady has a lot of talents but her level of competence with the brushes is that which we hail her for today. Makeup just like every other art needs commitment, passion and dedication; 3 qualities Stephn’y sure possesses.

Its amazing how Stephn’y has evolved over the years, she has been slowly but surely perfecting her art. We say amazing because this young lady self-taught herself into the fine MUA she is today. Feel free to contact her for your events  as she will be ready to deliver just the very best.

Visit her facebook page to see more of her amazing work!

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