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Nabila – Ca ira (Official video)

Nabila – Ca ira (Official video)

Nabila of R.E.G.N records just as she promised has revealed visuals for her début single under R.E.G.N titled Ca Ira.

In Ca ira, the gorgeous Songstress with the voice of a nightingale, indulges in a romance story with a perfectly sculpted hunk and a perfect touch of class. Through the trials their romance goes through she tries her achievable best to understand and be there for him. This story goes to show relationships are not always a bed of roses; they sometimes do have thorns. It teaches us to stick together through the stormy weather.
Nabila - Ca ira . 237xclusive
Everything about this video is on point, from the story line to the clear visuals, to the perfect role plays. Ca Ira was shot by NS pictures and produced by Edi Le Drae.

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