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Welcome Baby Aninah Kellen Imani

Welcome Baby Aninah Kellen Imani

Myra Maimoh one of Cameroon’s finest in the music industry is proud to introduce her #newangel #princess #babygirl, #babysister, Aninah Kellen Imani.

She weighs 8 pounds, and she is 21 inches tall. Aninah is the newest member of the Family and she has 2 siblings! She is already loved by the 237 family.
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On her website she tell us about the great experience of this new life. Myra says and I quote…
“So we had this big little angel after 10hours of labor! Couldn’t be prouder of my little girl and my lovely team of support. . My #angel, Aninah Kellen Imani weighed over 8 pounds at 21 inches tall. One of the coolest things that I experienced this time around was the amazing after effect of spending the first hour having skin to skin time with baby: it actually helps hasten milk 🍼 flow and makes the belly contract like crazy.”
We have the babies exclusive pictures below, and they are so beautiful. We know she is already talented and will be an even better musician/artist like her mama! It’s all in the genes.

For more baby pics you can visit Myra’s website https://www.myramaimoh.com
As an artist, Myra could not be more proud of being a mother. We know she can handle all the pressure because she is a pro, and besides women are the real MVPs in life.
Myra says and I quote…
“Between breastfeeding, diaper changes, entertaining 3 kiddos under 4, working and keeping my house in top shape etc there are no dull moments in my life!”
We will continue to support Myra Maimoh on her journey as she reps 237. And we wish Myra all the best with motherhood.

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