237Fashion: Liiber London showcases the Rebirth Collection

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Liiber London, a Cameroonian clothing line makes a bold statement with New Collection.


Liiber London is a brand that is known to be based on vibrant colors that bring out the beauty of African print which every true african woman should value. These exquisite pieces are modeled by Kellie Neh Kim. Her rich dark skin is put on display by Adewole Akinyele's lens. She speaks a Classy yet fun woman who loves her roots and blends high end fashion and the former perfectly. The Niki Heat team came in with their brushes to add more glamour to this theme.

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"Liiber London simply captures the amazing changes that lead to a new period of growth and improvement in our environment both in the fashion and arts movement" Anrette Ngafor, CEO Liiber London

This brand has been low key for a while now and it decided to stage a comeback with Rebirth.

Style: Anrette Ngafor

Photography: Adewole Akinyele

Makeup: Niki Heat



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