Home Star Profile 237Profiles: Get to know Cameroonian Rapper, Ngoma

237Profiles: Get to know Cameroonian Rapper, Ngoma

237Profiles: Get to know Cameroonian Rapper, Ngoma

Popularly known for flowing in his mother tongue Ngemba, meet Ngoma…

He is called  Atanga Schneider Ngomah a.k.a “Ngoma“. He is a Cameroon-based HipHop and High life recording artist, born and raised in Limbe, though originally from ‘Awing’ in the North West Region, Cameroon.
This talented Cameroonian rapper has a Unique sound and his creativity is demonstrated in his rap style which combines the local 90’s sound with urban contemporary style, thus producing Art. His rap comprises of four languages, i.e English, French, ‘Pidgin’ English and Ngemba (his native tongue) demonstrating his lyrical strength & unique rap style.
Ngoma Cameroonian rapper
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Already with four singles and videos out, Ngoma is an Artistic genius with upcoming singles that will sweep the nation. We first got to discover him way back in 2014 when he dropped his first single Afe Nkap. Subsequently after a long break, came SDCC (Sort de ce corps), then we had Ekie. Recently he released a banger titled Mangosi ft Kikoh and Nernos. Giving that he as a solo artist (not signed to any label) You may agree with me that the fact that he takes alot of time to release a song he making sure to dot all the “i”s and cut all the “t”s is one detail he has to be applauded for.
Ngoma Cameroon
Stay tuned to 237Xclusive to get all the latest scoops on his career. Follow him on social media via the following handles
Facebook: @Ngoma
Twitter: @iAmNgoma
Instagram: @iAmNgoma
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