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237Music: Ewube – Stay ft Locko ( Official video)

237Music: Ewube – Stay ft Locko ( Official video)

Ewube releases video for her single titled “Stay” is out ft Locko.

Ewube x Locko Cameroonian singer/dancer  Ewube has released a new video titled “Stay” ft Locko.The track released on January 30th, is a sensational love coated song produced by Edi Le Drae and Directed by Adah Akenji. Ewube demonstrates not just her ability  as a singer and dancer but as a true submissive lady and lover that is able to accept faults and demand forgiveness and reconciliation. This she portrays through her choice of words and humble physical appearance that is  powerful enough to quench a burning destructive fire in a partner when in relationship or marriage.
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Featuring Locko in the single gives it an extra splendor as the Big Dreams Entertainment’s artist uses his words and cute voice to complete the story line of the song. He shows a reasonably humble and tolerant partner in a relationship who is ready to accept the plea of the other and demand for dialogue and  show more reasons and values of togetherness.
Also, this piece is an extract off her album to be unveiled in April this year. There is a vivid sign of mutual love. Sign of maturity, humility, patience, forgiveness and steadfastness with the willingness of defying odds, staying together and working as one to build a long lasting relationship.
It is therefore hoped that the talented dancer who is also coming up strong behind the microphone is around to stay as many still celebrate her track Fall 4 U. A song in which She proves her ability as someone capable of loving and having the spirit to express feeling.
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