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Movie Review: Little Cindy by Billy Bob Ndive Lifongo

Movie Review: Little Cindy by Billy Bob Ndive Lifongo

Little CindyLittle Cindy is a movie that has balanced all its features to make a great movie. All the characters and roles make the plot come to life. The costumes, soundtrack and graphics were a plus as they enhanced the emotions and feelings of every line in the story. The movie falls in the genre of feature films with Mayohchu Ebai playing the role of Little Cindy and she does an excellent interpretation of her role.
The main idea behind the film is that life is filled with unknown surprises. The atmosphere in the movie quickly switches from a happy and cosy one to a tensed and at the same time captivating one. Having the atmosphere changed in a movie, emphasizes that what is happening is actually serious and will have consequences. The whole plot takes a tremendous turn when Mark Alom (Libota Macdonald) finds out Cindy is not his. All the love and affection he had towards her suddenly turns to hatred and despise. This movie had as cast the likes of Libota Mac Donald, Solange Orock, Mayohchu, Syndy Emade, Valery Nchifor, Stephanie Tum, Lyno Lovert, Hexy Val and a host of others. This movie portrays the maturity of African movies in the lenses of a Cameroonian film director Mr Bob Billy.
Little Cindy centres around the disappearance of a 7yr old, Cindy during a party thrown for her by her parents at their residence. Her mother and father Mr and Mrs Alom decide to do something special for their kid which didn’t turn out as they planned due to an unexpected twist. What we can promise you is suspense, murder, comedy, emotional scenes and most importantly a message! TRUST
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This is a movie that deserves acolytes from the acting community, not only home but abroad.
Congratulations to the cast that made this possible, the producer and all the technical staff.
We are looking forward to nominations and awards for this Masterpiece!

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