237Freestyle: HookMoneyGang – Freestyle Wednesday

HookMoneyGang crew drops new freestyle…

CLAUDE DOE and URBAN of the HookMoneyGang crew are set to drop a mixtape and EP before the end of the year. Ahead of that, they release an EP. In this freestyle, they talk about ice chains, looking nice and no dice. Their single #WWU which was drop last month is still making waves on distribution platforms like ITunes/ Spotify/ Amazon/ Deezer.

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They are taking African hip-hop to greater heights by introducing Pidgin Grind Trap Music. Through which they deliver, unique Cameroonian pidgin slang and flex over (Trap) Hip Hop beats to bring you the new age of hip-hop with hardcore sounds and ‘Pidgin’ rap style. Claude Doe Calls His Self Pidgin Trap God !!!

HookMoneyGang - Freestyle Wednesday (6 downloads)


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