Home Video 237Music: J-JACK – Taro Eru Mbongo (Official video)

237Music: J-JACK – Taro Eru Mbongo (Official video)

237Music: J-JACK – Taro Eru Mbongo (Official video)

The label TRIPLE F 9 presents the video of the single Taro Eru Mbongo by J-JACK…J-JACK

Produced by N.G.A, and directed by KYS, here we have an Afro delight with a good fusion of Dance Hall, Zouk. Known for his lover and defenders of women’s rights skills, in this new delivery J-JACK continues to pay tribute to the woman by likening her to popular and delicious Cameroonian dishes like Taro (Achu), Eru and Mbongo. There are therefore four good reasons to consume this dish with multiple virtues; First of all the valorization of the Cameroonian culture by its cuisine which is at the same time rich, big, diversified. Then the symbolization of the national union, via these meals which come from different regions of the Country, but also loved and consumed in the whole Cameroon.

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In defense of women’s rights, here the artist J-Jack opposes unfaithfulness that has become a normal today with men. And finally the valuation of the woman, the one that is both natural and beautiful.

Taro Eru Mbongo is a plural title, which characterizes J-Jack’s artistic potential; a versatile artist with edifying messages.

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