Home Event 237Gist: Tzy Panchak gifts a $2550 Cartier watch to a fan!

237Gist: Tzy Panchak gifts a $2550 Cartier watch to a fan!

237Gist: Tzy Panchak gifts a $2550 Cartier watch to a fan!

My my oh my! $2550 watch?!

Well, we all know Tzy Panchak has a big heart and doesn’t hesitate to give back whenever the opportunity comes up. The former has reached out to orphanages as well as individuals a couple of times and we cannot help but applaud his kind gestures.
The UJAMS Freestyle party which held at Seme Beach Hotel 7th of July was graced with the presence of celebrities like Numerica, Tzy Panchak, Ko-C, Salatiel, Blaise B, Ewube, Ambe and a host of others. It was a cosy seaside event and the host, Nabil Fongod did an amazing job as he brought all these talented acts on stage and they all performed together. First went in Ko-C with Bolo, then Ewube with her latest single On Melange, Then Blaise B with Clando. Salatiel had everyone stuck together with Toi et Moi, he later set a turn-up pace with his latest single Weekend. Numerica had everybody right with Validé. Tzy Panchak had all the ladies screaming out for love with Mad for ur luv. What marked his performance was this die-hard fan who can to the front of the stage and knelt down holding Tzy’s feet. Touched by this act he took off his watch and gave this young boy. Must have been the happiest day of his life; what else can be as pleasing as getting such an expensive gift from your idol.
All in all, it was a great event as Ambe closed the show with Vitesse and La. Everyone had fun and we are all looking forward to the next edition. Well, I personally can’t wait!

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