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237Music: Wazih – Be Happy (Official video)

237Music: Wazih – Be Happy (Official video)

Wazih raises awareness on Depression in new single Be Happy…Wazih - Be Happy

Cameroonian contemporary singer, Wazih who recently got signed to Strange Kings Music drops a new single titled Be Happy. Produced by Geega and directed by Geraldrico Guevara, Be Happy was conceived in a bit to raise awareness on Depression. Wazih came up with this concept when Depression which is considered a mental condition was ‘trending’.
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Around that period American artist, Avicii had just committed suicide; a few days later a British designer, Kate Spade did same. Everyone was talking about this. Some decided to take to social media to raise awareness on the issue. Around the same period, Wazih had just lost his dad and he was undergoing depression but he decided not to let the latter take the best part of him. He then decided to channel all the hurt into making terrific single which he titled Be Happy. He then launched the Project ‘1000 smiles’. He ended up collecting more than a thousand smiles which we can find on the cover art. Geraldrico on the other hand, brought the emotions to live with the perfect concept and visuals. Watch and enjoy!

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