Douala to Host its First “Talent Hunt” Music Competition

The talent hunt show tagged “The Talent Hunt, which will soon premiere its first Douala edition is organized by B3. The show aims to give life to people who are passionate about music.

B3pro is an entertainment organization based in Bamenda which has existed for over 10 years. It was approved by the Regional Delegation of Arts and Culture under the Patronage of the Regional Delegate of Culture for the North West.

Douala to Host its First "Talent Hunt" Music Competition

According to its managing Founder and Director, the Bamenda-based musician, Ngwa Micheal Kapsalla popularly known as Prijex, “the idea of the talent show was borne out of the urge to discover, boost and encourage people who dream of making music in Cameroon, Africa, and the world at large.”

Nuts and bots of the talent hunt show

Talent hunt is a national music competition which is out to create a platform to expose hidden talents. It is also an avenue to promote the music culture as part of the growth of the entertainment industry. Unlike other talent shows, winners here will gain more exposure nationally and internationally with plan tours. The competition will select three (3) winners per region who will compete at the national level.  

To this effect, a press conference at the unveiling of the show is scheduled on a date to be announced soon. B3 hopes to create a platform where anyone who is passionate about music will have the opportunity to showcase their talent.

“This show will be all about discovering new talents. Anyone who has the voice to sing is free to come and participate. Now is the time to show the world that you can do it.”

Selected towns/cities for contestants include Bamenda, Douala, Buea, Yaoundé, Ngaoundéré, and Bafoussam, with a panel of judges including; Sound Engineer Jarry and Bad Angel actor Yannick Dominus. Together, these judges would groom the contestants in search of true talent.

According to Director Michael, one of the key ingredients that he will look out for as a judge is ‘originality.’ He, therefore, encourages the participants not to copy what is in vogue but to try and break free and come up with ideas of their own in the course of the show.

Auditions which have already commenced will end in May 2019. While the grand finale will see the emergence of the winner of the competition and prize presentations by the initiator of the project.

The talent Hunt is powered by B3 Media, Choco Nuts, Empire Media, Mummy Rash, Black Fame, Pro House, Manjong Music, and GMS TV.