Mr. Leo Releases Hot Video of His Eighth Single, “C’est Pas Nouveau” for 2018

Over the last three years, Mr. Leo has remained one of the most consistent urban artists in the Cameroonian music industry. The Superstar has just released a brand new song titled, “C’est Pas Nouveau,” produced, mixed and mastered by Alpha Better Records boss Salatiel.

Mr Leo Releases Hot Video of His Eighth Single, “C’est Pas Nouveau” for 2018

In “C’est Pas Nouveau,” Mr. Leo invites you to let go of every other thing and go party. The song is slow and vibrated on a fusion of music, Rumba, Makossa, Soukous, and Afrobeat. “C’est Pas Nouveau” is certainly the party song for the festive period that’s closing in.

His eighth masterpiece this year, Mr. Leo is one of those artists who have no trouble adapting to different styles. With multiple vibes, he is one of those who can melt into reggae, soul, pop, hip-hop, RnB, Afrobeat, gospel, Makossa and just about any style.

Watch the clip and enjoy this Rumba Feel Jam from Mr. Leo.

Nanova Releases First Official Lyrics Video Under Constellation Entertainment

Two weeks ago, Constellation Entertainment signed Nanova as its newest signed artist. Before joining the record label, Afropop/hip-hop sensation has spent the last few months refining her art to meet the specific needs of the universal music market. Until recently, Nanova has released the lyrics video for her new single, “God Over Everything (G.O.E).”

Nanova Releases First Official Lyrics Video Under Constellation Entertainment

“G.O.E” is Nanova’s first single under her new record label, Constellation Entertainment. The song, produced by DJ Cliff, with lyrics video directed and animated by Ndedi Asek, is a lyrical representation of positive transformation.

The song portrays a girl who has lived the life of sin and negative excitement due to bad influence from friends, society and peer pressure. In the end, she discovers that all what she regarded as enjoyment was mere deception and the devil’s ploy to take her away from God. She confesses, surrenders all her sins to God and begs for forgiveness. This divine enlightenment comes with abundant blessings that transform her life for the best, not the better.

Truly, she is now set to hit the universal market as a refined product.

Taking gospel music to another level, Nanova is truly set to hit the universal music market as a refined product under Constellation Entertainment.

Watch her lyrics video and do not hesitate to give us feedback.

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Instagram: @nanova_official

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Micki Wren Releases Video of Latest Single, “How We Roll”

Rising music star Micki Wren has just released a new music video titled, “How We Roll,” already available on major music streaming sites like iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

Produced by Master Roboster and directed by Geraldrico Guevara, the song surges into the psyche of a young man battling with life. How We Roll is a reminder that everyone has the right to dream and imagine the world as it could be, rather than just see it as it is.

Micki Wren Releases Video of Latest Single, “How We Roll”

Through his latest hit song, Micki Wren, once more reveals just how wittily he can handle reality and art, by mirroring proceedings in his immediate environment. Without any measure of doubt, the artist is well and truly carving out a vital niche for himself in the Cameroonian music industry.

The up and coming Afro-Pop Cameroonian singer is an independent artist with big dreams. Micki’s ‘can-do-spirit’ is what has helped him take giant strides throughout his journey in the music industry.  

Without thought, this is one of the most colorful and intriguing visuals you’ll see all year. Original, electrifying, and amazing is what you would call this masterpiece when you get a full dose of it.

Watch, download and tell us if Micki Wren actually gets you rolling with “How We Roll.”


DiNA Drops His Official ‘Sensation’ Video

After signing its first artiste DiNA last month, the U.S-based Cameroonian record label One Of A Kind Entertainment dropped its first official release titled, ‘Sensation.’ Sensation was Dina Leonel’s (DiNA) first official music release under the record label. Until recently, the young Cameroonian singer has released the visuals of this sensational love song.

DiNA Drops His Official ‘Sensation’ Video

Produced by Buea-based music producer Ovadoz, Sensation is a love song with Afrobeats instrumentals, mastered by KmasterKmix. The video of this release directed by multiple award-winning actor and Filmmaker Anurin Nwunembom (Artnurin), ‘Sensation’ is available on YouTube with a lyric video to put you in the love-filled mode as you read, sing, vibe, and dance along.

Click below to watch and enjoy this unique sensation from DiNA:

Earlier this year when Dina released ‘Found You,’ it was clear that the song would inspire other songs. That inspiration has now come with his latest release, ‘Sensation.’ 

Dina has been into music for long

In as much as he doesn’t have many releases, Dina Leonel is not a novice when it comes to music. For the most part, he has been behind the scenes, writing and co-writing songs for many of his colleagues before ever dropping his own track. Who knows? Maybe Dina wrote your favorite track.

DiNA Drops His Official ‘Sensation’ Video
Dina Leonel (DiNA): the artist behind ‘Sensation’

While many people know Dina as an Afro-Pop artiste, he has, nevertheless, stuck to hardline pure Afro-Pop style. Rather, he enjoys blending different music genres to produce the kind of music that thrills his fans. ‘Sensation’ happens to fit perfectly into this diverse music genre.

While you enjoy this beautiful masterpiece, it’s certain you won’t have to wait long for another love-filled song from Dina.

Check out what the Afro-Pop artist is up to by following him on:

Facebook: Dina Leonel

Twitter: Muzyk_dna

Instagram: Sir_dina

J&R Concepts Takes the UJAMS Freestyle Party to Douala

After a remarkable teasing and awareness campaign on social media, it is now clear that the UJAMS (Une Journee Avec Ma Star) Freestyle Party organized by media and communications agency J and R Concepts, will take place on Friday 30, November 2018. And the ISMA Campus Bonamoussadi, Douala will grace this event.

According to the organizers of this event, hashtags like #November30th and #WeGoKnow that went viral on social networks were ever related to any other purpose other than entertainment communication.

About UJAMS Freestyle Party

UJAMS is an entertainment platform built for all young Cameroonians with the aim of entertaining them and promoting strictly Cameroonian talent. Certainly, this explains why the organizers of this hit event announced editions in Douala, Limbe, Bafoussam, Yaoundé and a special edition in Douala. The event, according to its organizers, also marks the launch of their website: in a bid to promote Cameroonian music and artists.

The UJAMS Freestyle Party consists of events meant to get fans to catch fun with their idols. According to the CEO of J&R Concepts Nvenakeng Junior, “it will enable up to 2000 fans to party with about 50 Cameroonian celebrities.”

J&R Concepts Takes the Hottest Party, the UJAMS Freestyle Party to Douala
Junior Nvenakeng, CEO of J&R Concepts

Choice of artists

The invited artists for this remarkable event include Salatiel, Mr. Leo, Dynasty The Tiger, Ewube and Blaise B with Nabil and JJ Nshom as hosts. “The artists reflect the reality of the musical environment. Because we want the best, followers of our platform help us identify who they like. We do not make decisions ourselves because young people know better.” Nvenakeng said.

J&R Concepts Takes the Hottest Party, the UJAMS Freestyle Party to Douala

J&R Concepts Takes the Hottest Party, the UJAMS Freestyle Party to Douala

J&R Concepts Takes the Hottest Party, the UJAMS Freestyle Party to Douala

J&R Concepts Takes the Hottest Party, the UJAMS Freestyle Party to Douala

J&R Concepts Takes the Hottest Party, the UJAMS Freestyle Party to Douala

This urban edition of the UJAMS Freestyle Party will, therefore, give young people the power to vote who is better at doing freestyle during a live performance.

Where can you buy tickets?

Tickets for this event range from FCFA 3,000 and FCFA 5,000 for classic and VIP respectively and are available at all Santa Lucia agencies in Douala, all ISMA campuses in Douala and Jumia.

For all other details, you can contact +237 655-868-484/679-848410.

Make a date with the UJAMS Freestyle Party come November 30, 2018, and spend an entire day with your entertainment idols.


Kiss Levray: The PR Guru Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm

Over the years, Kiss Levray has not only managed to establish himself as an interesting character in the entertainment industry, but he has steadily outlined his brand in the PR world.

Growing up, the French Afro-American residing in the United States is a Libreville-born Gabonese who has spent a chunk of his childhood in Marseille, France.

A careful look at some photos of Kiss Levray, popularly known as “Frenchy Plug,” reveals that he truly stands out with his unique style and his usual charisma of a growing tycoon in the entertainment industry.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm
Kiss Levray (Frenchy) – @Frenchytheplug

Over the years Levray has assembled quite an impressive portfolio. He has successfully established himself as an entrepreneur in the entertainment world; his expertise is an asset that allows him to easily connect artists and other celebrities with different platforms and structures.

An unrivaled portfolio

Currently working as an international strategist at Node Music, a Gabonese label, who would have imagined that Frenchy would one day become the executive manager behind the famous Gabonese artist J-Rio?

Managing talents and artists, and enabling them to attain the celebrity status in their careers, “the plug,” “the underground creator” are names he has come to answer to over the years.

His adventure began in Italy, where he met the famous Italian director Checco Zalone during an international festival in Milan in 2014. Checco and his partner Gennaro Nunziante were in search of a group of African actors who could appear in their film, “Que Vado.” As adept as he was, Kiss Levray put the directors in touch with a group of talented Africans living in Milan. A collaboration between the Italian directors and Levray was solidified which enabled him to gain their confidence.

At a later time in 2014, during “The Houston Fashion,” Levray met with the 1998 Miss Universe representative of Trinidad, Wendy Fitzwilliam and became a technical advisor to this professional model. He was responsible for organizing his events and exhibitions of her modeling career at the time.

Ever since, Levray has assisted this lady to build a sound career in modeling as well as, helped her attract some very lucrative contracts.

Meeting awesome people

Sometime later, he met the Congolese actress Vanessa Caxeiro, residing in France with whom he decided to work as an agent. He worked hard for this Congolese superstar to build a robust online presence for her. A year later in 2015, he met Charles Tabu who became his business partner.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm

From booking international artists like Maitre Gims, Hiro, Ferre Gola, Fally Ipupa, DJ Arafat and a host of others, Charles Tabu was the strategist he needed to push his career in the entertainment world further.

Kiss Levray: From Frenchy to a Humanitarian

At the tender age of 22, Frenchy had begun to take a keen interest in humanitarian work; he had just started working in the entertainment industry at the time. Growing up, he had always wanted to help vulnerable people, a passion he has followed into his adulthood.

It was on July 23, 2015, that Frenchy had decided to take a break from the entertainment industry. With some partners, he established a foundation with a non-lucrative purpose called “The Foreigners International,” an international organization which supports vulnerable populations, such as refugees, immigrants, victims of human trafficking, abused minors, international students and people having an intellectual deficiency.

Since its inception, the Foreigners International has dedicated itself to provide families, children, individuals and communities with gadgets, strategic partnerships, advice, and technical assistance. The Foreigners International allows these vulnerable groups to increase their independence and productivity.

Kiss Levray stands at the forefront of this NGO through which he impacts communities by strengthening the capacities of vulnerable populations to facilitate the development of supportive communities that have a positive impact on the quality of life of community members. By partnering with front-line service providers, states, localities, and tribal communities, outsiders can identify and implement solutions that transcend traditional program boundaries and facilitate access to services through planning, reform, and integration.

At the UN’s DPI/NGO with the Foreigners International

On August 23 this year, more than 500 NGOs around the world participated in the 67th United Nations Department of Public Information and NGO Conference (DPI/NGO) at the UN headquarters in New York. Its aim was to emphasize the value of multilateralism in identifying and implementing global solutions for global problems.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm


Among these NGOs, was the “Foreigners International.” Its CEO Kiss Levray who headed the NGO also has a moving story that can inspire more than one.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm
The Foreigners International: International humanitarian NGO

The seasoned CEO attended the 67th DPI/NGO conference to share his ideas and program strategies with more than 500 NGO representatives from 67 registered countries. And certainly, his project did not go unnoticed by the organizers of the conference, who praised the ideas and objectives set by Levray’s NGO.

As the conference drew to an end, Kiss Levray exited the complex structure with a huge smile on her face. Perhaps, ‘smile’ wasn’t the right word for it. The top row of his teeth was in plain sight, and there was a faint curve to his lips. On anyone else, it would be a grimace, at best. On this face, however, it was a sign of bliss.

Kiss Levray: Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm

As Levray expressed, “I am pleased to support the Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations efforts to empower others and leave no one behind. The United Nations pleads for humans day and night. I am honored to be part of that and to support these efforts together.”

When we look at his professional milestone, we cannot help but acknowledge the milestone he is slowly achieving for himself. He is definitely a force to reckon with both in the entertainment and humanitarian sectors. It remains only to wish good luck to this worthy son of Africa.