Home Downloads [237Music] : Salatiel – Comme ça ft Daphne (Official video)

[237Music] : Salatiel – Comme ça ft Daphne (Official video)

[237Music] : Salatiel – Comme ça ft Daphne (Official video)

Salatiel and Daphne serenade each other in Comme ça…

High Man General, Salatiel and SME front liner, Daphne display musical chemistry in this single titled comme ça. This single is a mid-tempo one that has full potentials to hit your heart and stay on repeat on your playlist. Salatiel who doubles as the producer alongside Big Joe decides to give us an exquisite taste of Africa in the visuals.

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There is nothing in life like the perfect love situation or the perfect couple, but there is love which is 2 people who can come together, accepting their differences and compromising for each other”. Alpha Better Records

Put together by Nkeng Stephens, the visuals are not only eye-catching but tell a beautiful story of love. They don’t only accentuate on the understanding of each other’s imperfection. They also focus on the willingness to work through these shortcomings with each other.

Salatiel ft. Daphne - Comme Ça.mp3 (34 downloads)

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