Record Label BlueBerry City Puts Kikoh In A Hot Seat

Record Label BlueBerry City Puts Kikoh In A Hot Seat

Four years ago, the Cameroonian record label BlueBerry City went out to scout for talents. After a long search, it eventually signed Cameroonian artist, Kikoh in 2014. But Kikoh didn’t come alone ‒ he brought onboard Sangtum A.K.A Dj Pazzo as a partner and producer to the label.

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In recent years, this partnership between Sangtum and BlueBerry City has delivered some amazing projects including more than 5 videos for single tracks and several videos for Kikoh’s Calamity Cypher series.

The good times shared by this trio, however, came to a surprise end this 2018 after the label released a statement confirming the breakup.

1-Sangtum (Dj Pazzo) is no longer part of the Blueberry City Family due to professional differences and breach of agreements.

2-Due to the breach of gentleman agreements, all ties linking the artiste Kikoh to the label Blueberry City were dissolved and the rapper given an option to stay and renew his contract with the Label.

Unkle Chinois, owner of BlueBerry City confirms that this is a final decision after several discussions with Sangtum before leaving the country proved fruitless. Sangtum is, however, still to give a statement about this.

The interesting part of this saga is that BlueBerry City gave Kikoh the option to stay or renew his contract with the label. It has been 4 years working with the label and even more working with producer and co-owner Sangtum. Certainly, this is a difficult decision for Kikoh to make.

Kikoh might have found an easy route

However, Kikoh’s decision seems to be made easy as we see only Sangtum supporting him on his recently released EP titled Ndengue Banderas. Sangtum produced majority of the 6 track EP.

Record Label BlueBerry City Puts Kikoh In A Hot Seat

Kikoh seems happy as he goes about distributing his new EP which doesn’t have the signature of the label on it. Choosing Sangtum may be the easy decision to make given they’ve known each other for years and as a rapper, he will always need a beat-maker by his side.

BBCity is, however, engaging in new projects which it will reveal to the general public in the coming days.

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