237 Rapper RifleX Announces New Musical Series, #FlexFriday

Rapper RifleX Announces the Release of a New Musical Series, #FlexFriday

In collaboration with many dope creatives across the globe, artist RifleX is set to work on a yearlong project duped, #FlexFriday. #FlexFriday is essentially what the name denotes; a new music video and song by RifleX dropping every single Friday of the year in 2019!

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That’s correct. This 2019, he will be releasing fifty-two (52) songs with videos in succession, every single Friday of the year! This is huge and has never before been done by any artist in the Afro-beat, Afro-trap genre. The UpSideDown Movement team alongside RifleX have been planning and preparing this for months. They are very excited to get started on this journey and take on this awesome new challenge.

Rapper RifleX Announces the Release of a New Musical Series, #FlexFriday

This isn’t a novel idea in the music world. It’s, however, one that is definitely new to our community and genre. We strongly believe it’ll make a significant wave and be a spark for the 237 and African music community, challenging both artists and fans alike in creativity and delivery of art to the public.

The songs will be released on YouTube as the main vehicle but will also be available on other platforms.

We invite you to join in on this thrilling ride as we look forward to bring consistent and high quality music and visuals to you on a weekly basis by the talented and skillful artist, RifleX.

We hope you consider being a part of the movement!

Watch #FlexFriday trailer below:

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