Artnoise Returns With 2019’s OpenCall  for African Creatives

Artnoise, a platform dedicated to supporting African creativity and art started its mission last year with a program that inspired and enabled creative youth to travel to Kenya, Tunisia and Ghana. They used 3 months to create new art and meet other people on the continent.

Artnoise Returns With 2019’s OpenCall  for African Creatives

For 2019, Artnoise is back with 4 curated programs that engage both performing and visual creatives, travelers and younger creative people from all socio-economic backgrounds.

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This month, Artnoise has opened applications for its Artist Residency in Karen Village. This residency is a huge artists community in Kenya, home to CNN’s heavily documented Ocean Sole. The program will provide time and space for visual artists, curators, and arts professionals. It will help them to create, research, experiment, cultivate new directions in their work as well as execute new projects. In addition to a shared studio space and living facilities, artists are surrounded by a community of artistic peers. They will also have the opportunity to learn from their peers in a tranquil cultural environment.

Artnoise Returns With 2019’s OpenCall for African Creatives

Artnoise has designed applications for its funded Music Residency to meet the needs of emerging or independent individuals or groups who create sounds influenced by Afro Music or cultures or hip-hop music or culture ready to take the next step in their careers and artistic development. Opened in January to close in March 2019, the program will commence in July of 2019.

Meanwhile, Artnoise has also launched a Mentorship-workshop program for creative youths below 18 set in Lagos. They will receive short training and equipment to help in their training.

To find out more about the programs and apply for funding, kindly visit or click the link below:


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