[BrandNew]: Ale Myz – U&I (Official video)

Ale Myz releases a new song titled U&I…

U&I was composed and written by Ale Myz. It was produced by AloBeatz and Tam Gaëlo of The Gaëlo Outcome®. This song is centred on Love and Trust. She sings about a couple who are deeply in love, but there’s a lack of trust on the part of the man. He’s so clingy to his woman, so much that he monitors all her activities, including going through her phone. His woman reassures him that he’s the only one she loves and wants to be with, but she really needs her space and also needs his trust.

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The music video features US based Cameroonian Artist: Banla. Video was directed, shot and Edited by Tembi Muna.

Ale Myz - U&I.mp3 (8 downloads)

Contact her here:
Email: Gaeloutcome@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Alemyzofficial
Instagram: @itsalemyz
More Ale Myz music here: www.alemyz.bandcamp.com

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