Daphne set to release 2 new videos in a few hours

Cameroonian Diva Daphne welcomes 2019 with two video releases

In a bid to encourage and inspire her fans, one of Cameroon’s best female artists Daphne is set to release a new video titled “Alleluia”.  This year is going to be a year with double video releases from Daphne to fans. “Ne Lachez Pas” and “Alleluia” are well timed in an era where most young people are faced with social and economic challenges.

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Daphne ended 2018 with a mini-tour and decided to get into 2019 with more punch. “Alleluia” is her most recent single. Interestingly, we have come to realize that most artists have once been choristers before getting into the music industry. As the saying goes, “you must start somewhere.”

Dynamic Daphne thinks it’s necessary to bring the church to the street and clubs as a means to inspire a significant number.

[237Music]: Daphne ‒ Alliluia (Official Video)

She is a choir girl who grew up as a “tomboy” but who took music as her best friend. It is, therefore, not surprising how successful she has become in this industry.

As someone who believes in humility, Daphne knows that to bring much flare in this new heat, she will need the presence of experts like producer Philbillbeats, who will give her fans the beats that will make them stand on their feet as they hear the sound of “Alleluia”.

The collaboration

In order to give the song a street feel, she didn’t think twice to demand the expertise of her labelmate Boy Tag.  Boy Tag’s delivery on the track completes the flow of this new single that is sure to capture Daphne’s fans worldwide.

[237Music]: Daphne ‒ Alliluia (Official Video)

“Alleluia” is a perfect deviation from Daphne’s original love tracks. The song follows “Ne Lâches Pas” which seems to be a perfect continuation of “Alleluia”. We are in a period where people and youths in particular need motivation and Daphne isn’t doing bad at all playing the role of a motivator through her music.

“Alleluia” is for those who have a dream. Believe in yourself and never give up, because God is on your side.

Daphne, therefore, plans to release “Alleluia” and “Ne Lâches pas” on January 31, 2019. The songs will be available on all SME digital platforms and on all major digital distribution channels (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc.)

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