Binyuy Jude Verla Calls on Cameroonian Youths to Use Information Technology Responsibly

Binyuy Jude Verla’s message to Cameroonian Youths – Use Information Technology Responsibly

We just can’t overlook the importance of technology in our daily lives. This is because, in today’s global village, the absence of technology wouldn’t make any sense.

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The mere fact that technology deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment makes the exchange of information very easy. It is, therefore, in this light that Jude Binyuy Verla sends a message to Cameroonian youths to use technology responsibly because of its value to today’s society.

Binyuy Jude Verla

Verla is a native of Nso from the North West Region of Cameroon. Since childhood, he believed that every young person has an important role to play in the development of the society. Thus, his motto: “Education and hard work as a way of life”.

Binyuy Jude Verla Calls on Cameroonian Youths to Use Information Technology Responsibly

He did his primary and secondary education in Nso where he obtained his advanced level certificate in 2003. His interest in technology developed when he enrolled into the University of Buea, an environment for techies.

Verla’s journey to the USA in 2010 was an opportunity to water his IT dream. Once in the US, he enrolled into the University of Maryland where he obtained a Masters Degree in Cyber Security.

Thanks to this journey, Verla was exposed to the bigger world of technology. He got to meet people of different nationalities and beliefs which broadened his connections.

He has always had a dream to educate fellow Africans and Cameroonian youths precisely, on the use of the Internet, social networks, and information technologies as a whole. It is with this intention that he decided to send a message to his fellow Cameroonian brothers on the responsible use of technology.

Today, Verla is an advocate for IT. He is on a course to encourage young people to join the field and join it responsibly. He does this with the conviction that, IT holds the key to tomorrow’s world.

Binyuy Jude Verla currently works with National Harbor Tech under incident response. As someone who has a passion for education, it’s but normal for him to increase the scope of his knowledge and experience in this field.

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