237Events: Boucan Snack Bar Pub set to reopen its doors!

Boucan Snack Bar Pub will be back in Business as from Friday 15th December, 2017..

Boucan Snack Bar Pub will be back in Business as from Friday 15th December, 2017…

Boucan Snack Bar pub which has been shutdown for quite while, is gearing yo reopen its doors on the 15th of December, 2017. With a new team at is reins made up of dynamic and determined young enthusiasts including Éric Sosso the director, Yannick Moundi, Rogridue Infinity commercial directors and Franck Gredel, head of communication. This young mem have taken control of the management of this luxurious setting which was at some time was the hit spot when it came to night life in Douala. They are experienced and committed to revamp the emblem of BOUCAN SNACK BAR PUB by giving a new look and feel. Located in Akwa, Douala not far from Zepol bakery, Boucan is found at the heart of Douala and ensures quality services and security.


The changes we took note of  were a whole new interior decor, a better  sound system adapted to international standards and also improved security which constitutes security cameras, a technical team and physical that ensures the safety of its customers in collaboration with local police forces. The cost of liqour (beer) that has also declined significantly from 1500f formerly to 1000f today. In the background the new team comes with attractive concepts for your greatest entertainment and will be operational from Thursday to Sunday. Boucan offers you the opportunity to commune with your stars, to have incredible discounts on your consumptions while receiving a treatment worthy of your standards.

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It is in this light that they went on to interrupt the busy schedule  of one of the most prominent artists of the moment TZY PANCHAK who on the occasion of the official opening of BOUCAN will give a thrilling performance.


He promises you an unforgettable show, ons you’ve never experienced this Friday, December 15, 2017 at BOUCAN SNACK BAR PUB. So come and support this energetic team that does not intend to stop there, they promise you that for the next 15 days, the BOUCAN will be packed and there will be exciting themes to entertain you. During these two weeks after the solemn opening, 15 popular artists of the soil will alternate successively in their premises to cheer you up.

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