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Ever heard of Juddah? Discover him in this new single titled “Moan Eton”

Ever heard of Juddah? Discover him in this new single titled “Moan Eton”

In this new single moan eton, inspired by the ongoing socio-political crisis in Cameroon, Juddah seeks to eliminate the mental barriers of colonization that lead us to call ourselves francophone or anglophone. To him francophone or anglophone should not be a thing.

“Our diversity should be our strength” Juddah preaches. He would like every Cameroonian to feel proud to speak his mother tongue and feel the need to teach his offspring his culture at the risk of seeing this heritage disappear.

Moan Eton transports you to deep Cameroon. A mixture of French, English and Eton to encourage each other to be either and use their talent to protect our cultural heritage.

I am Eton and Cameroonian and not Francophone and Cameroonian.


Judah is not only a rapper but a painter, poet, philosopher as well. He is a multidisciplinary artist who for more than 10 years has lowkey carried his poet’s pen, his paintbrushes and his logic as a free thinker. Behind the scene, Juddah is a well-known figure of the hip hop scene in Cameroon.

Stream and enjoy this new single below.

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Facebook: Juddah noirsurblanc
Instagram: @Juddah_noirsurblanc

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