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237Music: Tutu-B – YOU

237Music: Tutu-B – YOU

On the occasion of his birthday, Tutu-B releases a new audio single titled YOU as a gift to his fans.

This track titled YOU by Tutu-B is a dedication to all those who love and support him. Hope you all enjoy and look forward to more music from him. A week ago Tutu also released his second single in 2018: Money which continues in the artist’s hustle theme from his previous single #YolReadyKnow and highlights the fact that only hard work can lead to success.
You can listen to YOU here: https://soundcloud.com/tutubiaka/tutu-b-you
You can listen to Money here : https://youtu.be/zwtcQdUvifU
Keep up with him on all his social media platforms
Instagram : @tutubiaka
Facebook : @TutuBiaka
Snapchat : njengwes_biaka2
Twitter: @TutuBiaka
YouTube : Tutu B
He is releasing this single as an independent artist.

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