5 Lessons To Learn From Salatiel

Being a household name in over growing industry, we took time to analysis the career of Cameroonian Urban Artist, Salatiel. Below are 5 lessons we think fellow artist can emulate.


Being a leader is not an easy task rather it is a very heavy one. However, if you are determined and have concern for the people you lead, you are bound to succeed. You have to be ready to put yourself in the shoes of your followers and cater to their needs. Salatiel being the boss of Alpha Beta records, has time without number stood true to his skills. This is eminent in the fact that for years he has successfully pulled the reigns at Alpha Beta Records.

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From a very tender age, Salatiel began doing music. We saw him evolve from his days of serving others in church, to his band group , to becoming a house hold name in the Cameroon music industry . It took him years of practice, zeal and determination . Many other who were on a similar journey, gave up but he is still hitting the road. His music quality for years has experienced growth and his constant supply of quality is remarkable.



If you are a christian you will probably be familiar with the quote that goes thus “pride comes before a fall”. Usually we see people fall even before their careers rise up. Salatiel amidst his recorded success, he’s continued to prove to be humble and level headed. And for what we can see, it’s been working for him. He earns the respect and trust of his fans and followers. For an artist, this is of premiminary importance.


Being a high quality producer and at the same time well seasoned musician, doesn’t happen over night. They come as a result of sleepless nights, researching , studying , and long days of practice . Like it is porpularly said “Starve your distraactions and feed your focus”

Well composed

frivolous ? Flirtatious? Scandal? We would hardly come across any negative stunt coming from his. Being an entertainer it is quite difficult to stay away from such. He however would rarely be caught up in the web. Takes time to plan his work and uses the right tools. A strategic planner? Big Yes ..

It took him years, to build his empire and we are still counting . T

Rather than say successful artists do not share their tips with you try to observe and pick them up on your own. There is always a silver lining in the cloud. Thanks for reading!

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