237Music: 8 Reasons why you should download Tzy Panchak’s I’m not lucky EP

tzy panchak - I'm not lucky EP

Not listened to I’m not lucky EP by Tzy Panchak yet? Here are eight reasons why you should grab a copy!

tzy panchak - I'm not lucky EP

Tzy Panchak may be considered a situational artist by some but we believe he is different from anything the music industry in Cameroon has ever seen before.  Early this year Blunation recording released his EP titled I’m not lucky. The EP released on the 1st of January, 2018, is made up of 12 singles with production credits from Slimbeatz, Mr Lee, Magic Fingaz, MOG Beatz and Dj Mekzy. Here are eight reasons why I think not just the artist but this EP is unique and should be a must-have.

  1. He make girls all around the world feel beautiful and wanted. In his hit single, “Woman crush” the lyrics he sings can make any girl feel beautiful. For four minutes  anyone — old, young, tall, short, skinny, heavy, Bayangian or Douala— can feel absolutely gorgeous. Other songs like Brand new, Praise & Worship, Suwelemba, Mon Bebe, Mr Romantic, Allo will have same effect.
  2. Cameroon was not left out in its digitalization plan.  Most often than not Cameroon is left out when it comes to digital distribution of albums and  EPs or even singles. This is due to the fact that the larger population do not use the services of a credit or debit card. So the Blunation team came up with an MTN Mobile Money payment portal via which the EP could be available and accessible to everyone.
  3. It is affordable! Tzy Panchak’s team made sure the EP is available at a moderate and reasonable price so anyone can get. For those in Cameroon willing to purchase via MoMo it cost 1000Fcfa, Meanwhile it sells on Itunes and Paypal at $10.
  4. His rise to stardom is a very inspiring story that touches the hearts of millions. Anyone who has ever dreamed of making it big is able to relate to Tzy’s story. He started off with big hopes and dreams. When quitting his job in Nigeria and returning to Cameroon to pursue a career in music, he had no idea that within two years he would be one of the biggest artist in Cameroon. His story teaches anyone out there who has big dreams to never give up, work hard, and reach for the stars! He incorporates this story in songs like I’m not lucky, Inshalobadey, Bless me and gold digger. 
  5. His music evokes emotions in everyone who listens. Tzy Panchak  has an effect on everyone who listens to him. His music makes everyone smile, laugh, giggle, chuckle, smirk, blush, reminisce, believe and flat out or fall in love with them. Also he has a very bubbly and outgoing personality. His lyrics are inspirational and motivating too. It’s hard not to like him! When you listen to songs like I’m not lucky, Bless me, Woman crush, etc… you would understand this point perfectly well.
  6. He cares for and loves his fans. Tzy Panchak is always pleased to meet his fans because they know they wouldn’t be any where without them. He wouldn’t hesitate to thank them or reply their messages and comments or pose with them.  His fans are very dedicated to him, and Panchak appreciates all of them. What better way is there to show your support and loyalty as a fan other than to purchase his EP.
  7. There is a song for every mood. The EP contains a song for every mood. Whether we are celebrating love, or working out or working on a project or feeling down or lonely, I’m not lucky EP has us covered. Tzy takes us through various cultural blends and societal issues.
  8. The EP is available on major distribution platforms. Whether you have subscribed to Deezer or Spotify or Itunes and what have you, Blunation has made it a duty to bring the EP; well and readily packaged to your doorstep. They made sure to leave no stone unturned.

To purchase this EP via Mobile money click here and to purchase via paypal click here. It is also available on distribution platforms like iTunes, Deezer, Tidal and Spotify.

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