Entertainment: “Abim” a name you should know now.


Ever heard the Name Abim before?

If you haven’t then you are about to discover today .

Abim“, is a graphic designer and has been practicing graphic designing for a year and half now. He is passionate about Graphics and loves creativity and bringing up new ideas everyday.

Abim is also very flexible, loves gaming, singing and making Characters come to live in animations.

He has worked with Zongo groups In Buea and Bine Moukouri of “Bine Moukouri Studios” also Situated in Buea.

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You would also love to know that not just Working with Bine Moukouri Studios, he was also Mentored by Bine Moukouri Himself Who is one of the leading Graphic designers we have in Cameroon today.

Together with the Help of Bine Moukouri, he came out with this amazing piece for the second edition of the “Beta Night”.

Abim also does Logos for Companies, cartoon caricatures, Album art covers and many more.

I must say he is a resource yet to be harnessed.

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