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Pascal - The Prelude (volume II)

pascal New Bell's yung king Pascal is at it again! He releases Volume II The Prelude few months after Work Dey Vol. 1 EP release, which is a follow-up EP that continues to show off his prolific writing skills and artistry as an MC. This five song EP portrays the struggles and triumphs of coming up as an artist in Cameroon. Rapping in Pidgin and English, Pascal tells stories that convey the weight of hard work and perseverance required to succeed not only in Cameroon but all over the world. below is a full track list you can click on the links to download the songs. Enjoy! kana kana produced by le Monstre King don Kam produced by Kiloh Manka'a produced by Kiloh Elevate ft Jovi produced by Le Monstre Prelude ft Rostou produced by Le Monstre      

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