Cameroonian blogger, Atome puts a new blog online

Atome Cameroonian blogger

For some years now, Cameroon has joined in terms of ICTs the dynamics of sister countries such as Senegal, Ivory Coast, Togo …

Atome Cameroonian blogger


In this momentum of appropriation of digital technology, young people assert themselves more and more. This is the case with the Blogging field, which has been expanding in Cameroon for the past two years. ATOME, young Cameroonian blogger has been in the field since 2016 and has gone beyond a passion into a daily and remunerative activity.

Entrepreneurship via Blogging … Does that speak to you?

Atome became part of this logic not only by creating an aura around him but also by building a business model by his activity. He jostled the codes of blogging and communication in his country. With the launch in 2017 of his platform which is the a blog of music/culture, the most famous in Cameroon. With monthly traffic of 30,000 visits / month, the blog is one of the most proven in his field in Africa.

With his company Voila Moi Consulting, Atome is today consultant for many brands and his services are solicited by several labels, projects and companies. Innovative communication strategies, influence, creation of content … So many dismemberments that are being tilted little by little in a country where digitalisation is not yet actualized in everyday practices. In addition, Atome is also involved in events and training since 2017. This is the case with its event “Blogging Sessions”Atome Cameroonian blogger

Two Best Blogger Awards in 2017

Thanks to his blog, Atome receives in 2017, the price of the best Cameroonian blog at “La Nuit du web” and that of the best French blogger from Cameroon at the “Bonteh Digital Media Awards”.

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No, it’s not over! Things are just beginning. Yesterday, April 06, 2018, Atom has posted a new blog at the address This new product of his company is a “Personal media” standard blogging professionals that we can have on a global scale. With a different editorial line, it’s no longer under the cap of criticism of music that asserts itself; rather like a storyteller who has beautiful stories to share with the world. The blog in its essence speaks of the experience of the young man has gathered in several stories that will be known with the time. This is already the case with the text “Naughty father-in-law” whose parts 1 & 2 have moved several including the story of the “Pig who lived in our toilets”. It is this sharing of emotions and lessons of life that Atome promotes in this new media.


He who blogs brings, inspires, shares …

Moreover, one also has on lifestyle, chronicles and a complete presentation of the activities of the Blogger … of personal branding. This multi-phase project begins with these beautiful items that target anyone able to read the language in which they are written. Yes, the goal is to reach all francophone countries. Soon, you will know the continuation and the prospects of this new blog. Atome is today the Cameroonian (professional) blogger, the most followed on social networks (especially Facebook). The goal is to build a solid reputation and true recognition of the blogging industry at Cameroon and Africa. We invite you to visit the blog, discover it 

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