Trending: 26-years-old Thebe Magugu, wins the LVMH 2019 Award

Young South African designer, Thebe Magugu won the sixth edition of the LVMH award. The award was presented to him on Wednesday, September 4th, at the Louis Vuitton Foundation

Young South African designer, Thebe Magugu won the sixth edition of the LVMH award. The award was presented to him on Wednesday, September 4th, at the Louis Vuitton Foundation, Paris, by Delphine Arnault, Deputy General Manager of Louis Vuitton . He is the first African designer to win one.

thebe magugu

Thebe Magugu succeeds Japanese designer Masayuki Ino, founder of the brand “Doublet” who won this award last year. The South African distinguished himself in front of seven other candidates in the final, including Israeli designer Hed Mayner who won the Karl Lagerfeld Prize, former Special Jury Prize. He receives an endowment of 300,000 euros and enjoys a year of mentoring with the teams of the French luxury group. In 2019, the LVMH Prize registered more than 1,700 applications from a hundred different countries.

thebe magugu

Thebe Magugu is a young stylist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Originally from the small town of Kimberley, he came to Johannesburg to study fashion design, photography and fashion media at LISOF Fashion School. After earning the highest grade for one of his collections, he did internships and worked for a series of creative institutions and fashion distributors. Two years later, he created his eponymous label, THEBE MAGUGU – South African fashion brand specializing in women’s ready-to-wear and who plays on the mix of materials in her silhouettes.

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Its collections – Geology (SS’17), Home Economics (AW’18) and Gender Studies (SS’18) – are cited as a nod to the current political climate in South Africa and abroad, particularly in as regards the expectations put on the modern woman.

Thebe Magugu is inspired by women who have played an important role in his life. Last February, he won the “international fashion showcase award”, a prize awarded by the British Fashion Council, which rewards fashion designers emerging.

Speaking of his brand, the stylist explains: “With our core values ​​of quality, novelty and culture, we are always looking for new ways to dress women with everyday clothes while highlighting them. . The sleek, modern design meets patterns from the history of our continent, creating elegant, multi-faceted garments as precious as the women who wear them. “

The other LVMH award winners are Marine Serre (2017), Grace Wales Bonner (2016), Portuguese duo Marques’Almeida (2015), first winner of the award, Montrealer Thomas Tait (2014) and Japanese Masayuki Ino (2018) previously cited.


Fashion Spotlight: Meet One of Cameroon’s Biggest Fashion Influencers @manlikeclix

We were opportuned to catch up with Fashion Influencer extra-ordinaire, @manlikeclix. @manlikeclix is Cameroon’s biggest Fashion influencer, Style consultant and the Creative Director at Alessandro Veneto. Here’s how our chit-chat went down.

 Very often we’ve come across the word influencer, to some extend we feel like the word is being vulgarised. Who is an Influencer? Do people just tag along the name cuz it’s a new trend or do they really understand the meaning? We were opportuned to catch up with Fashion Influencer extra-ordinaire, @manlikeclix. @manlikeclix is one of Cameroon’s biggest Fashion influencers,  Style consultant and the Creative Director at Alessandro Veneto with over 100k followers on Instagram . During our chit-chat we came across alot of insightful info on his person.

The very elegant, @manlikeclix

Thanks for agreeing to talk to us. Good afternoon Clix.

 Good Afternoon

If we may ask, what are your real names ?

 My Name is Gwei Noel Yengong

From the content, we see on your page, you seem to be deeply rooted. What are your origins?

I grew up in Cameroon, in the town of Bamenda

Where are you based currently?

Somewhere in between Berlin- Germany and London England. Hahaha, I share my life between these places mostly.

How long have you lived abroad?

About 15years lol

Your Instagram bio says you are an Influencer. What exactly is it that you do? Just like us we are sure people are curious to know

Wow, a lot… I do a lot! I’m not just an influencer,  I am a Digital Marketer, an entrepreneur, an investor, a style consultant and a creative director for an Italian company called Alessandro Veneto

Tell us about the fashion side of your professional life. How did you work your way to the top as an influencer? What inspires you?

Life l would say. I grew up next to an uncle called Spee Arts who in my opinion, was the greatest arts painter Cameroon ever had.  He used to dress totally different from everyone, seeing that as a kid kind of had an impact on me.  I would say he “influenced me”. When I grew one, one step at a time, I started creating my own lane in the fashion world. Fela Kuti also played a huge part in influencing my fashion style and oh the movie God father lol…

What are your plans after recording so much success?

My biggest dream is to have at least 30 companies and employ at least 189 youths before I am 35yrs old. This will be my way of supporting Africa by not only providing employment but also taking kids off the streets.

Being an entrepreneur, do you have any other business? Or is there any other domain that might tickle your fancy?

Sure, in the business domain I plan to invest in real estate in Cameroon and open a record label. I will be making movie and music video appearances for some projects a couple of friends will be working.  

What advice do you have for a young Cameroonian or African looking up to you?

 It only takes 4 things; Clean heart, Believe, Consistency and hard work

Can we have your social media handles?

Instagram: @manlikeclix

Facebook: The Noel Closet


Without much ado, we’ll be ending this chi-chat here. It was nice having a deep insight on your person. We look forward to having you again in the nearest future.

 Thank you 237Xclusive it’s always my pleasure and thanks for promoting the country’s culture.

Blu Nation Announces the Launch of JAVA Fest – Just Afrovibes Annual Festival 2018

Just Afro Vibes Annual Festival (JAVA Fest) is a festival founded by Blu Nation INC, a non-stock corporation located in Houston, TX owned by a young Cameroonian entrepreneur. The festival’s primary objective is to export talent from Africans at large and in Cameroon specifically. Such talent ranges from art, acting, comedy, fashion, modeling, music, sports, entrepreneurship, beauty and more.

With an activity schedule like none other, this festival will attract consumers of various social interests. It will also assemble individuals from different cultural backgrounds and from various cities from across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Africa.

Blu Nation Announces the Launch of JAVA Fest - Just Afrovibes Annual Festival 2018

Just Afro Vibes Festival is a three-day festival that runs from November 16 to 18, 2018 annually. Acknowledging that entertainment and art have become a major source of income in today’s market, it aims at creating opportunities and avenues for growing talents. It also aims at creating opportunities for growing Cameroonian businesses. This is important as these businesses can benefit from direct access to consumers in markets with the highest purchasing power.

The African presence in the American entertainment and fashion spheres is growing significantly. This is especially true as more people gain significant interest in the African culture.

Our purpose at JAVA Fest

JAVA Fest aims to give a fair opportunity to deserving African talent, especially Cameroonian talent in avenues where the world would normally overlook these talents due to the massive presence of West African and South African acts. JAVA Fest acknowledges that vacuum and aims at giving a fair opportunity to deserving acts from under-promoted markets, especially Cameroon.

Blu Nation Announces the Launch of JAVA Fest - Just Afrovibes Annual Festival 2018

English and French are the two most spoken languages across Africa. With these languages being Cameroon’s two official languages, Cameroon is the single most capable market in Africa to cater to both the English and French consumers across Africa due to its unique bilingual state. Also known as Africa in miniature, Cameroon has almost 230 different ethnic groups. These groups originally originate from various parts of Africa, making it the beacon of African representation across the world.

JAVA Fest aims at bringing out the voices of the silent majority who have worked very hard but have not received due recognition. And much of this is due to the current structure of the African entertainment market. The goal is to reverse the disadvantage and provide a platform for celebrating and uplifting deserving acts. 

Line up

This year’s edition will see performances from A-List Cameroonian Artists like Tzy Panchak, Locko, Stanley Enow, Numerica, Coco Argentee, Koppo, and many others.

We would also have performances from US-based artists such as Fizzo Rap, Chapozee, Rahim Alpha, Eddy Bee, Firesola and lots of other exciting artists. Movie stakeholders; Syndy Emade, Agbor Gilbert, Alenne Menget, Fashion designers; Lima T. Jasino, EB Kreations, Connaisseur Paris, Stanlion, Louis Fame, Comedians like Oboy Da Comic, Moustik Le karismatik, Media Stakeholders; Nene Jimla, Myra Nangeh, Eliane Achu, Pamela Happi just to name a few, will be part of this exciting event.

The JAVA Festival is not an event you would want to miss. Its exciting schedule constitutes live performances, beauty conferences, movie premieres, stand up comedy, soccer games and loads of exciting activities.

To get tickets for this event or for more info about this exciting event, visit

Cameroonian model, Cynthia Ngala is our fairy in new Photoshoot! See pics here..

Entrepreneur and Model and Cynthia Ngala shares lovely photos of herself in a fairy costume…

Cynthia Ngala - model

Recently signed to Fascino Entertainment, Cameroonian model, Cynthia Ngala releases these breathtaking photos to make the memorable event. The contract entails a management deal which implies henceforth Fascino Entertainment will be representing Her fully.

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Osas Ighodaro covers Issue 10 of Blanck Magazine

South African Actress Jessica Nkosi reveals she is Pregnant on True Love Magazine’s July Issue

This whimsical fairy photo-shoot by Nji Asonganyi will sweep you off your feet. From colourful flowers, to bright outfits and beautiful landscapes, the fairy in you will definitely be inspired by these photos.


Linda Ikeji glows in pregnancy! Check out pregnancy shoot pics

Nigeria’s foremost Blogger and Media mogul, Linda Ikeji just dropped the first photo from her pregnancy shoot in the United States.


linda ikeji pregnancy shootEver since celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji debuted her pregnancy, Linda has been killing it with her pregnancy style.

For the pregnancy shoot, the ebony-skinned beauty wore a mono-sleeve powder blue dress with feathery detail designed by Frank Osodi Richard.

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South African Actress Jessica Nkosi reveals she is Pregnant on True Love Magazine’s July Issue

Boity Thulo graces the cover of Cosmopolitan SA, September Issue.

Production co-ordinator: Princess Mbanuzue

Photographer: Rocquez Fluellen

Makeup Artist: Tiffany Ervin

Hair Stylist: Jamella Copeland

BTS Videographer: Zakiya Olivier-Thomas

Stylist: AsquaredNetwork