Cameroonian Actress Syndy Emade Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl

Over the last few months, there was a lot of speculation that one of the most famous faces in Cameroon’s movie industry, Syndy Emade was pregnant. But the movie star wanted to maintain her privacy and therefore, did not make any public announcements until August 2, 2018, when she wrote a beautiful and emotional letter to her unborn baby on Instagram, with pictures showing the baby bump. Fast forward today, however, rumor has it that the beautiful actress has finally given birth to a bouncing baby girl.

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Dear baby,I know you are few months away but I just can't wait to meet you.Feeling you roll & play in there,I can't believe how fast time flies.I listen to all your movements getting to know you already each day.I can't wait to hold you skin to skin,heart to heart and for daddy and I to tell you "We love you".We have prayed for you,hoped for you and dreamt of you😇. Thanks for letting me carry on with work like the days I had to tuck you in just to finish shooting onset.You have made me glow and given me strength like never before. I can't wait to nurture you,instill good,great and Godly values and shower you with so much love ❤️ Xoxo ur moma to be👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧 #lettertomyunbornchild #herroyalmomness

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The baby was delivered via natural water birth, without any complications. See photos below:

Cameroonian Actress Syndy Emade Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl Cameroonian Actress Syndy Emade Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl Cameroonian Actress Syndy Emade Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl Cameroonian Actress Syndy Emade Gives Birth to a Bouncing Baby Girl

Back in late April, she posted photos of baby shoes for a boy and a girl leaving fans to wonder if she was “coming out” about her pregnancy. But her beautiful pregnancy photos while wearing a beautiful red long flowy gown show just how beautiful she really is.
Syndy Emade wearing a red long flowy gown showing her baby bump

About Syndy Emade and her accolades

Born to Elone Synthia Emade on November 21, 1993, Syndy is a Cameroonian Actress, Model and Movie Producer. She is also the brand ambassador of InstaVoice Celeb and owner of Blue Rain Entertainment.

Over the years, she has produced many movies including; “A Man for the Weekend” and “Rose on The Grave.” Despite being a Cameroonian, Syndy however, made her international career debut in the Nigerian Movie Industry (Nollywood) in 2016, in the movie “Why I Hate Sunshine.”

Emade won the 2014 edition of Cameroon Miss Heritage Award. In 2017, online movie streaming channel, Njoka TV listed her as the Second Most Active Cameroonian Actress for Africa Entertainment. And in the same year, she was awarded Best Cameroon Actress in Scoop Academy Award 2017. Aside from being the brand ambassador for Soleza Cosmetics and Virgin HairUK, she is also the brand ambassador for Africa Best Beverage.

Congratulations, Syndy.


Azah Melvine wins Best Actress at the 2018 Edition of Festival Ecrans Noir

Azah Melvine’s role in Rebel Pilgrim got her the award of Best Cameroonian Actress at the 22nd edition of the Ecrans Noirs Festival.

Azah Melvine

 Originally from northwestern Cameroon, Azah Melvine was trained as an actress at RUPHINAS HOUSE OF FAME in Bamenda. The Actress at once stated that her priority as an artist was “to impact lives with art and all possible means”.

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                Syndy Emade bags new endorsement deal with Africa Best Beverage

                Lupita dazzles in a dress by Kibonen NY on the Ellen Show

Azah Melvine took her first steps in theater acts before embracing film in 2013. Four years later, she was nominated in the category of best supporting actress for her play in the film “NDONNE” at the CAMEROON ACADEMY FILM AWARDS in London as well as in the best female hope category at the RED FEATHER AWARDS.

At the age of 20, she already has about ten films, including “REBEL PILGRIM” by Paul Samba and Chinepoh Cosson (2017), “NDONNE” by Naya Ruphinas (2016), and “ZIG ZAG”. , “WAIN WI” and “THE BEAST”. Below, a compilation of her talents in a video.

But it is for her role in “REBEL PILGRIM”, in which she interprets Leyonga, a 17-year-old girl whose father wants to marry to his old friend to be able to pay the bride price of his fourth wife, that she gets her most prestigious prize, that of the best Cameroonian actress at the Ecrans Noirs edition 2018.

Disney set to produce African Princess Fairytale titled Sade

Disney is developing a brand new fairytale film, Sade which is intended to be center on an African princess…

Sade - DisneyAccording to Variety, the screenplay will focus on a young African girl named Sade whose kingdom becomes threatened by a mysterious evil force. She must accept her newly discovered magical powers to protect her people. She does this with the help of the kingdom’s prince.

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The script for this film will be put together by Ola Shokunbi and Lindsey Reed Palmer who is said to have originally pitched the idea to Disney.

Sade will be produced by “Dope” Director, Rick Famuyiwa and Scott Falconer. However, the director is yet to be revealed to the public .

Cameroon wins big at the Golden Movie Awards 2018!

The movie A Good time to Divorce bags 6 awards at the Golden Movie Awards…

Cameroon - Golden Movie Awards

The Golden Movie Awards which just held last night is an award ceremony organised to recognise film makers all around Africa who are doing a great job. It held at the Hotel Ambassador Movenpick, Accra, Ghana. Cameroon was represented by movie stakeholders; Alenne Menget and Syndy Emade.

Cameroon - Golden Movie Awards

Cameroon - Golden Movie Awards

5 Cameroonian movies made it to the nomination phase and A good time to divorce was the movie of the night. Cameroon was given a standing ovation during the ceremony as Alenne and Syndy walked up to collect the Overall Golden Movie Award.

It won awards in the following categories;

Golden Art Director: Arnurin Nwenubom

Golden Script writer: Nkanya Nkwai

Golden Drama movie: Nkanya Nkwai

Golden Director: Nkanya Nkwai

Golden Actor in a Drama: Alenne Menget

Overall Golden Movie: A Good Time To Divorce

Other wins for the night were as follows;

Golden Makeup Artiste: Nodryn Evanci (Forbidden)
Golden Costume: Awenseba AliAkpajiak (Baabani)
Golden Short Film: Iterum (Again)
Golden Editor: Bernard Makosa (10 Day in Suncity)

Golden Soundtrack (Original): O.C. Ukeje (Potato Potahto)
Golden Promising Actor:Eman Sinare (Baabani)
Golden Supporting Actor (Comedy): Richard Mofe Damijo (10 Days in Suncity)
Golden Supporting Actress (Comedy): Joke Silva (Potato Potahto)

Golden Indigenous Movie (Twi/Swahili/Hausa): Baabani
Golden Cinematography: Stanlee Ohikhuare (Idahosa’s Trail)
Golden Editor (Video):Yaw KarkonAmpomah (Before the Vows)
Golden Supporting Actress:Ebele Okaro (What’s Within)

Golden Actress (Comedy): Nana Ama McBrown, Sika Osei, Lydia Forson (Side Chic Gang)
Golden Actress (Drama): Lilian Echileon (Black Rose)

Golden Movie (Comedy-Story): Rachel Adiku (Side Chic Gang)
Golden Documentary: One GH (Tramadol Documentary)

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Yesterday was a defining moment for the Cameroon Film Industry and certainly will go down in history. It goes a long way to show that our film makers have been putting in alot of work and efforts. Also we believe this win will attract more positive moves towards the growth of the Cameroon was represented by movie stakeholders; Alenne Menget and Syndy Emade. which may include more investors, endorsement deals, collaborations, etc.

In this light, the entire 237Xclusive team will like to heartily congratulate the winners and wish them more success in future. May this be a stepping stone to more great movies from Cameroon.

Movie Review: Little Cindy by Billy Bob Ndive Lifongo

Little CindyLittle Cindy is a movie that has balanced all its features to make a great movie. All the characters and roles make the plot come to life. The costumes, soundtrack and graphics were a plus as they enhanced the emotions and feelings of every line in the story. The movie falls in the genre of feature films with Mayohchu Ebai playing the role of Little Cindy and she does an excellent interpretation of her role.

The main idea behind the film is that life is filled with unknown surprises. The atmosphere in the movie quickly switches from a happy and cosy one to a tensed and at the same time captivating one. Having the atmosphere changed in a movie, emphasizes that what is happening is actually serious and will have consequences. The whole plot takes a tremendous turn when Mark Alom (Libota Macdonald) finds out Cindy is not his. All the love and affection he had towards her suddenly turns to hatred and despise. This movie had as cast the likes of Libota Mac Donald, Solange Orock, Mayohchu, Syndy Emade, Valery Nchifor, Stephanie Tum, Lyno Lovert, Hexy Val and a host of others. This movie portrays the maturity of African movies in the lenses of a Cameroonian film director Mr Bob Billy.
Little Cindy centres around the disappearance of a 7yr old, Cindy during a party thrown for her by her parents at their residence. Her mother and father Mr and Mrs Alom decide to do something special for their kid which didn’t turn out as they planned due to an unexpected twist. What we can promise you is suspense, murder, comedy, emotional scenes and most importantly a message! TRUST

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This is a movie that deserves acolytes from the acting community, not only home but abroad.
Congratulations to the cast that made this possible, the producer and all the technical staff.
We are looking forward to nominations and awards for this Masterpiece!

Tabi-Ayuk Tambi Atem-Ebai to represent Cameroon at the ACF 2017

Yokee Tabi a well seasoned Cameroonian actress who has quite a number of movies under her belt will be bearing Cameroon’s flag at the ACF 2017. 

Ayuk Tambi Atem-Ebai a well seasoned Cameroonian actress who has quite a number of movies under her belt will be bearing Cameroon’s flag at the ACF 2017.

Tabi-Ayuk TambiA few months ago, she was picked to be an ambassador of this prestigious event which will take place in Lagos from the 5th – 10th November, 2017. The ever beautiful, talent and hardworking actress keeps setting new standards for her self every now and then as she continues to raise the bar while enhancing the growth of the Cameroon Film Industry. The ACF which stands for African Cinematography Festival is a 6-days conference which will focus on training, production enhancement workshop, networking and technology expo.


This festival was designed to unite Africa through the arts of cinematography, a phenomenal knowledge transfer platform. The National Film Video Censors Board and the Nigerian Film Corporation are official partners of the ACF. Also the Bells University of Technology, Smart Image Film & Theatre Institute will be the academic partners of the ACF.  The event promises to be one worth participating in as a lot of knowledge with regards to film making will be impacted. This is a great opportunity for movie stakeholders in Africa to improve on their skills. All film stakeholders are encouraged to participate in this life changing experience. Meanwhile congrats Mrs Ayuk Tambi we pray for many more achievements in your career. Cheers!


237Movies: A Man For The Weekend – Trailer

Watch Trailer for A Man For The Weekend

A Man For the weekend

After watching this trailer you sure wouldn’t miss the movie premier! A Man For The Weekend tells us the story of Candace Ayuk (Candy), a young business executive. Driven by her career, she has no time for the pleasures of life, much to the chagrin of her mother who wants to see her settle down. This drives a wedge between the two as Candy finds herself avoiding her mother’s calls for obvious reasons. Fate however plays a prank on her as she finds herself trapped by a promise to her mother, and must pay her a visit over the weekend with her “boyfriend”. A character obviously non-existent in her life. This starts the quest for a man for the weekend, coming to an end when she agrees on a business deal with Bryan Mbah, an intern with her firm, who unknown to her, is a secret admirer.

This is how, Candy and Bryan head off for a weekend at her mother’s were they are joined by her senior sister Christelle who is their mother’s favourite. She is the yardstick by which Candy is always measured, and her husband Richard. We are taken through a roller-coaster weekend wherein age old sibling rivalries emerge, family secrets are revealed. Bryan then gets a better picture of why Candy is the way she is, deepening his admiration for her. The weekend however takes a turn for the worst when Candy’s story turns on its head and her man for the weekend is revealed for who he really is a hired hand. Tempers flare, the family splits in discord with each person going their way, attempting to resume their lives as they were before. Christelle’s marriage is already fragile before the weekend get-away is crumbling.

Candy, hitherto driven and career-minded, finds her thoughts drifting towards Bryan. Their mom now conscious of how unfair she has been to Candy seeks out a means to make amends. In a nutshell, A Man For The Weekend is a romantic comedy that bares everyday family issues. It puts a comic spin to events while accentuating the overriding message that it is ok to be you, stay true, be patient and let life happen. This movie was shot on location in Limbe and Bonanjo in Douala. Produced by Syndy Emade and Directed by the multiple awards winning Director, ACHILLE BRICE.

Click here to have more info about the movie premiere.

Movie Premiere: Breach of Trust set to screen in Cameroon

Breach of Trust set to hit Cinemas in Cameroon!

Breach of trust


After creating major buzz in the UK, Breach of Trust a movie which tackles incest and abuse is set to hit the big screen in Cameroon. The movie which features actors from the UK, Cameroon and Nigeria, first hit the big screen in June 2017 at a star studded premiere at the Imax Odeon Cinema, Birmingham. Now it’s time for this revolutionary movie to make its debut in Cameroon come October 21st 2017 at the Canal Olympia Cinema Bessengue, Douala.
Incest and sexual assault by family members who we trust is a common but poorly addressed issue in our society. This is often due to societal pressures, fear, guilt, not knowing who to talk to, where to get support, the need to protect abusers reputation and even the fear that no one will believe you.  It is with this in mind and drawing from a true life story that Roseline Fonkwa –Moundjongui, a UK based Cameroonian producer developed the movie concept.

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It is a 3R Production movie directed by Nelson Spyk (UK) and Nkanya Nkwai (Cameroon) that tells the story of two families who try to live a normal life but unfortunately one family member in each household sexually abuse the young girls in the family. The movie features mind blowing performances from movie talents like Cameroon’s Epule Jeffrey, Princess Brun Njua, Gelam Dickson, Susan Kembling, Nkwenti Ruth, Achille Fotso and Nigeria’s Walter Anga plus many more.  The ultimate goal of the movie “Breach of Trust” is to raise awareness in our communities and let people feel safe to talk about this issue, deal with it and sign post victims on where they can get support.

Watch Hilarious “The Audition” comedy skit by Nsang Dilong

Cameroonian actress, Nsang dilong  releases new skit titled The Audition.

Nsang Dilong

Popularly known for her comic character, Paulina, Nsang Dilong is here with another comedy skit “The Audition“. Wahala is when you get on Paulina‘s wrong side and she decides to expose all your tiny secrets. Don’t we just love how versatile Dilong can be?

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Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section and if this makes you laugh put a smile on another person’s face by sharing… xoxo

Samba bags 3 awards at Ghanaian Golden Movie Awards 2017!

Congratulations to the entire Samba team! Samba, a Cameroonian TV Series takes home 3 awards at the Ghanaian Golden Movie Awards, 2017.

Congratulations to the entire Samba team!

Samba, a Cameroonian TV Series takes home 3 awards at the Ghanaian Golden Movie Awards, 2017. The award ceremony took place in Accra, Ghana on June,20th. Samba was nominated in 4 categories which included; Best actress in a lead role, Best actor in a lead role, Best Costumier and Best Tv Series. Out of these nominations they got 2; Best Actress (Ade Kelly) and Best Actor (Macdonald Libota). They also got special appreciation from the jury.

“Good film = good story, actors, director, mes-en-scene, editing, cinematography, sound, graphics and amazing producer… Congrats to the entire SAMBA TEAM for being best at your various domains to earn it BEST TV SERIES.” Takong Delvis Mezzo