Zashy – Ascension The EP

Zashy debuts solo career with a trilogy titled Ascension

Several years working behind the scenes, writing for and accompanying some of our top music stars on their musical journey, Cameroonian artiste, Zashy finally adheres the urge and launches his solo career.

“Though being around the music scene for all this while, I hadn’t released any project earlier because I wanted to hone my craft. I needed to fully understand what I was getting into but most especially fine-tune my skills. I’m grateful to my team for being patient with me and helping me to be better than this. I have come a long way and I’m fully confident I’m ready to get it! All I want is for the world to connect with me on a personal level when they listen to my music.”

Zashy, Cameroonian artiste – Thee 808 Nation

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Zashy’s EP centred around God and love is made up of three songs; Holy Ghost Faya, Dictateur d’amour and Amie Amie. The delivery of this project is quite impressive. From the beats to the mixing and mastering, and most importantly the vocals.

It is safe to say all the years behind the scene was definitely worth it. Zashy is a breath of fresh air in the industry, he presents so much potential; good lyrics, suave voice and a good production team. Now let’s see how he tackles the other parts of his career. We dare to say and would bet on the fact that he is a future torchbearer of the industry.

Stream this EP for free below.

In addition to this, he released his first video directed by L Telesphore.

Korede Bello – Mi Casa Su Casa (Official video)

Did anyone notice something different about Korede Bello or is it just us at 237Xclusive?

Korede unveils a new face in his new video “Mi Casa Su Casa”

First of all, thumbs up to whoever is handling Korede Bello‘s PR right now… They are doing an amazing job.

New look, new narrative, intriguing personality a wonderful combination for a 21st-century artiste especially in a time like this, where consumption rates for content are spiking.

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We see Korede transitioning from being a boy to being a sexy heartthrob, the change in hair colour, fashion style and poise. We couldn’t help but notice how more and more women are drooling over him on social media as he released a set of new photos redefining his brand.

Now onto the long-awaited video of ” Mi casa Su Casa “, an extract off his forthcoming EP “A table for two“. Simple, different, straight to the point yet intriguing. What one would normally expect to see in videos of songs of this nature are beautiful girls, extravagant locations.

However, this video directed by Visualgod and assisted by Korede Bello himself is simple and engaging. We kept on hoping somewhere along the video, the “Girl” would pop up but nahhh, they decided to keep us in suspense and show us body parts and silhouette. Uncles wunna no try at all. Who else is curious to find out who Korede’s mystery gurl is?

While trying to figure that out, download and enjoy good music.

Tzy Panchak – Apart (Official video)

BluNation’s golden boy, Tzy Panchak serves his fans and music lovers, a dope summer anthem titled “Apart”.

 Tzy Panchak teases his New Album with the Music Video for “Apart”

BluNation’s golden boy, Tzy Panchak serves his fans and music lovers, a dope summer anthem titled “Apart”.

In addition to being an extract off Tzy’s soon-to-be-released album “Chief Tambe”, this novel love tune, Apart is also a sequel to his 2018 hit single “Stay with me”. The intriguing storyline inspired by the Spanish TV Show “Money Heist”, was written by Tzy Panchak and brought to life by Mr Adrenaline. The video styled by Sawali, stars Cameroonian model, Blessing Obiora.

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A remarkable pan-African trio put the tune together; production credits go to Jae Mally beatz, while engineering credits go to Abztrumental and lastly mixing and mastering credits to Slimbeatz.

Apart is filled with solemn promises of love and affection and it stole our hearts completely. We are sure you will love it too!

237Music: Juddah – Moan Eton

Ever heard of Juddah? Discover him in this new single titled “Moan Eton”

Ever heard of Juddah? Discover him in this new single titled “Moan Eton”

In this new single moan eton, inspired by the ongoing socio-political crisis in Cameroon, Juddah seeks to eliminate the mental barriers of colonization that lead us to call ourselves francophone or anglophone. To him francophone or anglophone should not be a thing.

“Our diversity should be our strength” Juddah preaches. He would like every Cameroonian to feel proud to speak his mother tongue and feel the need to teach his offspring his culture at the risk of seeing this heritage disappear.

Moan Eton transports you to deep Cameroon. A mixture of French, English and Eton to encourage each other to be either and use their talent to protect our cultural heritage.

I am Eton and Cameroonian and not Francophone and Cameroonian.


Judah is not only a rapper but a painter, poet, philosopher as well. He is a multidisciplinary artist who for more than 10 years has lowkey carried his poet’s pen, his paintbrushes and his logic as a free thinker. Behind the scene, Juddah is a well-known figure of the hip hop scene in Cameroon.

Stream and enjoy this new single below.

Keep up with Juddah on social media via:

Facebook: Juddah noirsurblanc
Instagram: @Juddah_noirsurblanc

Discover Tob Juland’s new album titled “Piqure de rappel”

Piqure de rappel by Tob Juland which has been available since April 8th on all distribution platforms is composed of 13 tracks.

Piqure de rappel by Tob Juland which has been available since April 8th on all distribution platforms is composed of 13 tracks.

This album which happens to be his third musical compilation, highlights on several societal issues the global society is facing. For example, chienou, se l’avouer and illico iterate youth empowerment, while ignominie padré calls out the ills going on in the church.

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Robbed of his football dream by his parents, former banker Juland decides to find solitude in music when he sets foot on French soils in the late 80s.

All tracks were recorded at the Ghettoflow studio in Rotterdam by MB. Except for “Chienou” and “Ndeko Nangai” which were recorded in Paris at the Blaxound studio by Bilie Holladaze of most valuable producerz.

Download, stream and enjoy Piqure de rappel…

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Twitter : @tob_juland